Borderclash vom 13.11.2019:

Borderclash Radio Extravaganza Edition

Borderclash Radio Extravaganza Edition.  DJ- sets B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B.

Borderclash vom 25.09.2019:

Borderclash w/ Jules (NTS, Salon des Amateurs) & Jonathan Kaspar (Gewölbe / Kompakt)

Borderclash presents the "Kompakt Total 19" compilation and party in Stadtgarten. In the studio: 2 Kompakt fam DJs, who will be part of the line-up on Friday big party: Jules & Jonathan Kaspar.

Borderclash vom 11.09.2019:

Borderclash w/ Minjung Cho (DJ-set)

Borderclash is back from the summer break with a bunch of new tunes and a guest DJ set from Korean artist and DJ Minjung Cho, affiliated to the Cologne artist collective and label baumusik.

Borderclash vom 24.07.2019:

Borderclash w/ Nikity

1 hour new releases presented by Monibi + 1 hour DJ-set from Kölncampus DJ and music editor in chief Nikity
Borderclash with Nikity (2019-07-24)

Borderclash vom 12.06.2019:

Borderclash w/ Monibi (mixtape)

a little mixtape by regular Borderclash hostess Monibi + Lobu's musical picks.
Monibi mixtape + Jojo's picks

Borderclash vom 24.04.2019:

Borderclash w/ DJ Sex (DJ-Set)

New releases selected by Monibi 8-9pm + DJ Sex in the mix 9-10pm
Borderclash am 24.04.2019 8-10pm

Borderclash vom 12.04.2019:

Borderclash w/ Die Make Up (DJ-Set) + Weval (Interview)

1 hour Monibi's pick of new releases + 1 hour Die Make Up in the mix + Weval (Amsterdam, Kompakt) in interview.

Borderclash vom 27.02.2019:

Borderclash w/ Alex Ketzer (DJ-Set)

Alex Ketzer, head honcho of Cologne-based Noorden electronic music label presents his new album "OTC" in a one-hour DJ set.

Borderclash vom 13.02.2019:

Borderclash w/ Sarah San (DJ-Set)

1 hour Monibi / 1 hour Sarah San (DJ-set)

Borderclash vom 30.01.2019:

Borderclash w/ Teurofunk (DJ-Set)

Kölncampus DJ Teurofunk aka Benni Klemann from the "Behind BPM" show takes over Borderclash for a 2-hour DJ Set
Borderclash w/ Teurofunk (DJ-Set) am 30.01.2019, 20-22 Uhr.