Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Jonas Franke

Borderclash vom 12.04.2017:

Choir electronica with Colorist's Prosthetic Music + new releases

Techno church music? Kind of... A studio full of people to play and discuss an original project mixing electronica and choir music.

Borderclash vom 22.03.2017:

Our tunes weigh a ton!

Eine Wagenladung neuer Releases - sehr elektronisch, bisschen organisch, nur gut.

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Borderclash vom 08.03.2017:

selective hearing - adventures in clashing borders

Von lässigem Soul und Disco über Beatgefrickel und Grime bis zum ätherischen Ambient Chill-Out.

Brainfeeder Records

Borderclash vom 22.02.2017:

New music round-up!

All the musical news in electronica, beats, r'n'b, bass, and more...

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Borderclash vom 08.02.2017:

dubbed out

From dub's reggae roots, via jungle, drum and bass, trip-hop, all the way to dubstep. From Jamaica, via Bristol, to Berlin. We also pay tribute to US composer and hip hop influencer David Axelrod. Plus a bunch of new releases from Sampha, Syd the Kid, Knxwledge, Happa and many more.


Borderclash vom 25.01.2017:

That Night & his synthy-centric dark electronica in the studio

Cologne DJ/Producer/Autistikits band member That Night talks to us about his new abstract electronica album. Musikredkateur Jonas tells us about his vision of the evolution of dance music in South Africa. Daniel, Sarah and Mark play their favourite new music and review the latest Bonobo album.

That Night

Borderclash vom 11.01.2017:

New releases!

Borderclash // 11 Jan. 07 // 8-10pm // 100,0 fm. New grime, new synth-wave aus Dusseldorf, Common's Album, new afro-funk edits, new UK electronica, ... Team Borderclash is back in 2017 and curates for you the best new releases around. As usual,expect music disregarding typical genre…


Borderclash vom 28.12.2016:

Borderclash Finals

Endrunde für Team Borderclash! Wir packen die finalen Releases des Jahres in zwei Stunden. Gerade zu Weihnachten haben Artists und Labels nochmal was raugehauen. Tune in for Ambient, Beats, Bass, Electronica, Footwork, Hip Hop and more.

Borderclash vom 14.12.2016:

Borderclash : Take 5

22 Borderclash Sendungen in 2016! Was ist unsere best of 2016? Our musical picks from Electronica, Synthy Boogie, Ambient House, via Jazzy Bass, and other music genres we didn't know existed. Borderclash Redakteure stellen ihre 5 Lieblinglieder des Jahres vor.