Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Borderclash vom 09.11.2016:

Label Special: Project Mooncircle

Borderclash // 9.11.2016 // 8-10pm // Label Special Project Mooncircle // New releases

Project Mooncircle

Borderclash vom 26.10.2016:

New releases + Wicked Waldi & his dubstep mix

New electronica, bass, and ambient sounds; news from the music scene in Cologne; a dubstep DJ Set from Wicked Waldi.  Wed. 26.10.16 // 8-10pm // 100,0 fm

Wicked Waldi



Borderclash vom 14.09.2016:

Borderclash presents Borderjazz

The Borderclash team compiled their favourite jazz influenced music. From jazzy hip-hop beats, to jazzy electronica, via jazzy house. 


Borderclash vom 24.08.2016:

Burakete in the studio! New releases! Festival debrief!

Burakete, the man behind the Süperdisko & Türkische Delikatessen parties, shares with us one hour of gems from his record collection.  We also have new releases for you from XL, Hyperdub, !K7, and more... the first hour will be pretty experimental, a bit wavy, with a touch of…


Borderclash vom 10.08.2016:

Black Acre Label Special

From electronica via grime, house, and bass, the Bristol-based label, BLACK ACRE, has a large musical spectrum, just like our show: Borderclash .

Himmel über Köln
Daniel García González/Kölncampus

Borderclash vom 08.06.2016:


Neue Musik im Juni! Unter anderem von der Spring in Jakarta Compilation, Débruit, Pomrad, Four Tet, Machinedrum, Beating Heart: Malawi, eeph, Byron the Aquaroius,  Jonwayne, Nightwave, GHE20G0TH1K, Lee Bannon