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Borderclash vom 12.04.2019:

Borderclash w/ Die Make Up (DJ-Set) + Weval (Interview)

1 hour Monibi's pick of new releases + 1 hour Die Make Up in the mix + Weval (Amsterdam, Kompakt) in interview.

Die Make Up is an artist, DJ and founding member of DIANA, a music collective based in Düsseldorf and Cologne. Her DJ Sets juxtapose elements of techno and industrial music with contemporary production styles resulting in dramatic stylistic shifts and drawing out intriguing contextual relationships.

Weval is a synthies band from Amsterdam, made up of Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers, currently releasing on Kompakt. They do pop-tinged, club-influenced electronic music and are currently on tour.
We met up on their Cologne stop and chatted about transitioning their studio album into a 5 people band show and discussed their venture as a DJ duo.

Their new album "The Weight" is out now.

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Die Make Up in the mix:

estoc – trauma makes us ghosts (reclaiming the void) uniti
keru not ever ft. bianca scout – molloy (the wind of ?) infinite machine
abyss x – gangsters were weeping
chunyin – tyrian (pseudo promitto) decisions
dviance - 2sick2breathe
swan meat – throat (single) self-release
kablam – intensia diamanda
pan daijing – plate of order (avbvrn edit) (avbvrn snacks vol. 4)
william f. devault – from out of the city
anne imhof – brand new gods (single) galerie buchholz
panteros666 ft. le vasco - when all we have left is solar impulse and 33 cl of water (m. tounu remix)
psychic tv – I love you, I know
clemency – nova hitch faster
l.s.g. - netherworld (oliver prime remix)
playstation 303 – the path of the lonely
hok – melania carry
dj charme – beauty dies before me (buga remix)
klaus – cry tuff
alton ellis – blackman's word (ahmet schachbrett edit)

Monibi in the mix:
weval - are you even real (the weight) kompakt
weval - gimme some (easier) kompakt
weval - someday (the weight) kompakt
prince - ballad of dorothy parker (weval edit) unreleased
bézier - ???? honey soundsystem records
dk - forest palace (the goddess is dancing) good morning tapes
jonny nash - flower (make a wolderness) music from memory
fantastic twins - shake it (the new you) hippie dance
nwrmtc - wasteland (rapture remix) (gorka)
sue zuki - didufindher (weaponise your sound) optimo music
afrodeutsche - hiaea (break before make) skam records
avatism - things to do in ny (killing the hour ep) non plus
iku - hey papi (safe needing attention) spa
ethiopian records - ye feqer edaye (ye feqer edaye) arcola


Redaktionelle Leitung und Moderation: Sarah Roellinger

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