Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Borderclash vom 12.06.2019:

Borderclash w/ Monibi (mixtape)

a little mixtape by regular Borderclash hostess Monibi + Lobu's musical picks.

Monibi mixtape + Jojo's picks
Monibi mixtape + Jojo's picks

Monibi mixtape:

piezo - the mandrake (the mandrake / tinned) version
nathan micay - he has the key (blue spring) lucky me
logic1000 - precision (logic1000 ep)
nandu - stignated adulthood (simple chaos ep) azzur
red axes - kookoo papa (sound test ep) phantasy sound
dj qu - picazón (heed the message ep) strength music recordings
milus - drumvan (monstart vol.5) monstart
october & borai - fatal rumba (fatal rumba ep) happy skull
palms trax - to paradise (to paradise ep) dekmantel
marvin & guy - stige (9am mix) (solar warriors) life and death
karuva - the underground (can't stop, won't stop ep) strangelove records
dj mellow, magugu - run dem (famous eno remix) (run dem) lowup records
nkc - honest drums (3024-fye3) 3024
yak - wide eye (termina ep) r&s records
robbie tronco - runway (as a house) (tronco traxx) henry street music
melé - tribal layers (tribal trax) unknown to the unknown
radioslave - feel the same (feel the same) rekids
shanti celeste & hodge - alula (soba dance) peach
randomer - van pelt (slicing) dekmantel ufo
keeno18 - dances with leaf (los green) ultramajic
martyn - vancouver (vancouver) 3024
dj karawai - demons ate my acid (posse up vol. two) posse up!

Lobu's picks:

marcos valle – minha roma (sempre) far out recordings
the pedletons – life to me (you do you / life to me) bastard jazz
emerson – sending all my love out (if you need me, call me) kalita
ronald langestraat – lowdown (apollo) south of north
joe armon-jones – icy roads (stacked) brownswood recordings
sivey – nobody else (nobody else / somebody samebody) sivey
9th creation – party down & music is my pen & paper (a step ahead) past due records


Moderation: Johannes Wolff, Mark Neustadt
Redaktionelle Leitung: Sarah Roellinger