Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Borderclash vom 12.04.2017:

Choir electronica with Colorist's Prosthetic Music + new releases

Techno church music? Kind of... A studio full of people to play and discuss an original project mixing electronica and choir music.

Borderclash welcomes a couple of actors behind the "Prosthetic Music" project in the Kölncampus studio. We'll be talking about this performative music project uniting choir singers - 15 of of them! - and machine-made sounds.
The concert will take place in Britney on April 30th.

On top of that we have picked out la crème de la crème of the latest music releases.

kendrick lamar - the heart part 4 (single) tde
oshun - sango
oumou sangaré x tony allen - yere faga (mogoya) no format
dkvpz - menina (soulection white label) soulection
dkvpz - aqui no baile (soulection white label) soulection
actress - x22rme (azd) ninja tune
actress - dance in the smoke (azd) ninja tune
joy orbison - rite ov (toss portal) toss portal
bartellow - shufflington (panokorama) esp institute
bruce - before you sleep (hek027) hemlock recordings
bruce - sweat (hek027) hemlock recordings
yally - burnt (burnt / sudo) boomkat editions
mount kimbie x james blake - we go home (single) warp
fernando falcao - amanhever tabajara (a alceu valenca) (outro tempo: electronic and contemporary music from brazil 1978-1992) music from memory
soundwalk collective - auditorium scarlatti (before music there is blood) apollo


Moderation: Mark Neustadt, Sarah Roellinger, Lilly Amankwah
Redaktionelle Leitung: Sarah Roellinger