Lennard Winschel (Musikredakteur) presents his Take 5 between Jazz, Rap, & the oldest a 113 year old track from 2018!

Shumi is resident DJ and booker for the Cologne electronic music club Gewölbe. A club-oriented, meditative, bewitching Take 5 by Shumi.

Denis Stockhausen (My Dear, Kompakt) Berlin-Kölner Denis Stockhausen has been hosting the "my Dear" parties in Gewölbe for 6 years and spends his days working for the 25 year old label and distributor Kompakt. He presents his Take 5! Dreamy melodies, a bit of cheese, and so much love!

Acid S, That Night, Thereyoughost are Cologne based electronic music producers & band. Each member presents their musical highlight of 2018!

Achim Mohné is a German media artist. His Take 5 is somewhere between experimental, improv, and sound art.

Martin Schmitz runs the photography and fine art "micro-gallerie" and is a music producer for the Cologne electronic music label Noorden. His Take 5 is good for a dark club, but not just!

A selection just as versatile as club DJ and avid music consumer DJ Brom:  it covers deconstructed club-music, electronica and bongo good ies.

René Winter (Jazz Jazz Jazz) : Name ist Programm! Smooth London jazzy cuts and more...

The best of 2018 Cologne style!

Burakete (Süperdisko) DJ, record digger, obsessive collector, on point selector visits Kölncampus Take 5. From Anatolian funk, to 70s pop, via psychedelic electronic jazz experiments, Burak is our “Turkish Music Consultant”.