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Nachdurst vom 19.03.2008:

Zuckerbrot & Peitsche...

... die neuen Songs auf Kölncampus.

Aus unserer aktuellen Rotation ...

01. babybird - better than love (babybird) pop up records
02. mae shi, the - the melody (hillyh) moshi moshi
03. their hearts were full of spring - a question of trust (single) tv eye records
04. tilman rossmy quartett - so können wir auch sein (in einem fernen land) pop appeal
05 merz - lucky adam (moi et mon camion) grönland
06. cryptacize - heaven is human (dig that treasure) asthmatic kitty records
07. ellis, warren & nick cave - rather lovely thing (ost: the assassination of jesse james) mute
08. billy bragg - sing their souls back home (mr love & justice) cooking vinyl
09. yacht - so post all 'em (i believe in you. your magic is real) err
10. vann, vicki - you must think my heart has swinging doors (v.a. - more dirty laundry) trikont
11. cadence weapon - in search of the youth crew (afterparty babies) big dada/ninja tune
12. des ark - no more fighting cats, ok? (loose lips sink ships) lovitt records

Moderation: Nico Rau
Musikredakteur: Tobias Peper


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