Hellfire Radio vom 12.08.2016:

Volle Plattenpower

Descendents, Antillectual, The Bouncing Souls, und und und... Sehr viele relevante Platten sind in den letzten Wochen herausgekommen. Zeit, diese euch intensiv in die Gehörgänge zu hauen.

Natürlich auch mit Konzerttipps und allem, was in Kürze abgeht. Gebt euch die gewohnte Portion Punk und Hardcore am Freitag!


1. city light thief - plus & plus (shame) midsummer
2. converge - no heroes (no heroes) deathwish
3. such gold - choosing cages (great thieves escape ii) no panic! records
4. walk the plank - dying on the vine (great thieves escape ii) no panic! records
5. antillectual - europe, this is your final countdown (engage!) redfield records
6. antillectual - obsessive cosmetic disorder (engage!) redfield records
7. antillectual - from hipster kids to hardliners (engage!) redfield records
8. descendents - on paper (hypercaffium spazzinate) epitaph records
9. descendents - without love (hypercaffium spazzinate) epitaph records
10. descendents - beyond the music (hypercaffium spazzinate) epitaph records
11. apologies, i have none - love & medication (pharmacie) uncle m
12. apologies, i have none - goodbye peace of mind (pharmacie) uncle m
13. apologies, i have none - a pharmarcy in paris (pharmacie) uncle m
14. bouncing souls, the - driving all night (simplicity) rise
15. bouncing souls, the - digital twilight zone (simplicity) rise
16. bouncing souls, the - gravity (simplicity) rise
17. senor karoshi - wasted on the young (senor karoshi/außer ich split) tumble weed records
18. authority zero - revolution (andiamo) lava records
19. authority zero - shakedown in juarez (the tipping point)
20. red eye - bill & will (demo ep) eigenvertrieb
21. recount - get it on (love hate create destroy) icoh
22. pisse - 3d brille (urlaub in der karibik) mamma leone
23. spirits - kill this sound (s/t) coin toss records
24. interrupters, the - by my side (say it out loud) hellcat records
25. amity affliction, the - i bring the weather with me (this could be heartbreak) roadrunner records
26. amity affliction, the - fight my regret (this could be heartbreak) roadrunner records
27. tausend löwen unter feinden - babel (machtwort) let it burn records


Moderation: Jonas Franke, Tim Hemmrich, Stephan Wiefling
Redaktionelle Leitung: Anja Münchrath