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Cut and Paste vom 20.09.2019:

Kommando Luftikus & wald rave summer closing

Kommando Luftikus aka DJ Klaus Storch & Denis Gläser aka Dorfadel visit the studio and play a 2 hour DJ set. They talk about their last open air of the summer on 21.09.19.

2 hour DJ-set teaser for the Kommando Luftikus + DJ Sex + Monibi free WALDRAVE "KEEP IT WEIRD" on Saturday night, somewhere in Cologne. 

Kommando Luftikus are back in the Kölncampus studios for a 2-hour DJ Set.
For their summer closing party, they are partnering up with 2 Baumusik DJs: DJ Sex and today's show's hostess Monibi. 

tune in & phone in during the show for location.

21.09.19 ab 22 Uhr

one last weird kiss
one last weird dance
one last weird groove
one last weird night in the woods
embrace the weirdness of the moment


Monibi (baumusik / Red Light Radio)
DJ Sex (baumusik / Palms)
Dorfadel  (Kommando Luftikus / VFMM / Asthesis)
DJ Klaus Storch (Kommando Luftikus)

Qnete & carmel - caterburied

alex kassian – hidden tropics

nice girl – house in motion 06

tala drum corps – lake technium

Voces de Humo – DJ Plead RMX

simple symmetry – dervish euphoria

Person of interest – washed
your planet is next – down

tambos house – volcan venti

vedelius – junglitter

A.F Röhrscheid – shitske

young & intelligent – minority views

black satin trax -blaq numbers

apple – siegalizer (l-vis 1990 edit)

Andras – jingo

dj city – teenage sexdrive

Tile Plazas – Principlis

chambray – makin me
Kalamari Oysster - Scale Libra

soundbwoy killer – yours

Fantastic Man – native Power

a sagittariun – vanishing point

Kirk the flirt – back2biz

jurchen – i'm everything you're not

O-Flyn – True Dancing

de grandi – sapristi (king dudu baile funk mix feat. Mc 2d)

Wolfram – What is it Like

playboi carty – beef (feat. ethereal)


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