Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Borderclash vom 23.02.2005:


Studiogast: Joachim Uerschels (The Braces)

20 - 21 Uhr


1. The Specials: Gangsters
2. The Selecter: Three Minute Hero
3. The Beat: Tears Of A Clown
4. Bad Manners: Just A Feeling
5. Madness: One Step Beyond
6. The Bodysnatchers: Too Experienced
7. The Specials: Ghost Town
8. The Trojans: Riding For A Fall
9. Intensified: Direction
10. Longsy D.: This Is Ska
11. Potato 5: Rocksteady Party
12. The Hotknives: W.I.N.

21 - 22 Uhr


13. The Toasters: So Long Buck
14. The Slackers: Yes, It's True
15. Venice Shoreline Chris: Ex-Darling
16. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: The Impression That I Got
17. Hepcat: Beautiful
18. Rhythm Doctors: Mark's Mood


19. Alpha Boys School: No Excuse
20. Skaos: Straigth To Your Heart
21. The Braces: Memories
22. Monkey Shop: Lago Di Como


23. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Brave Eagle Of Apache


24. Athena: Skalonga


25. The Moon Invaders: City Of Fire


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