Leitung: Anna Kravcikova


Martin Schmitz runs the photography and fine art "micro-gallerie" and is a music producer for the Cologne electronic music label Noorden. His Take 5 is good for a dark club, but not just!

A selection just as versatile as club DJ and avid music consumer DJ Brom:  it covers deconstructed club-music, electronica and bongo good ies.

René Winter (Jazz Jazz Jazz) : Name ist Programm! Smooth London jazzy cuts and more...

Burakete (Süperdisko) DJ, record digger, on point selector Burakete is in the house!!! From Anatolian funk, to 70s sounding pop, Burakete is not only our “Turkish Music Consultant” but also has summery chilled electronic music and nice surprises in his Take 5!

Former Kölncampus Music Editor and current Visions music Magazine author, Gerrit Köppl aka Ghetto Köppl is back for punk / rock / indie highlights of year. Screaming guitars and people included.