Leitung: Amelie Liebst, Sina Zecarias, Max Heck


Take Five vom 15.12.2012:

Take 5

10.00 - 22.00: der Jahresbestenlistenwahn

Aus dem Kölncampus-Studio und ab 18h live aus dem King Georg

Mit dabei:
Dorfjungs (Techno-Gemeinschaft), Schere Stein Papier (Indie-Party), The Wet Wings, Holger Risse (Intro, DJ), Christian Werthschulte (Musikjournalist), Felix Kubin, Jan Böhmermann

10:00 - 10:30h Felix Kubin (Musiker)
(Moderation: Ilka Geyer)

bernard gagnon - gwendoline descendue! (musique électronique (1975-1983)) tenzier 052
bobo boutin - objet piégé" ("NYX") eigenveröffentlichung
jeandado - i was clown (übergabe von Werkzeugen) eigenveröffentlichung 2012
micachu and the shapes - waste (never) rough trade
masecki, marcin - 14.1 Fuga - fuga lustrzana, 3-glosowa-inversus (die kunst der fuge) ladoABC

10:30 - 11:00 Uhr Roland de Voltaier (Journalist)
(Moderation: Anke Van de Weyer)

woodkid - run boy run (single) green united music
goulding, ellie - don't say a word (hacyon) polydor
shaban & käptn peng - sie mögen sich (die zähmung der hydra) kreismusik
bunger, enno - regen (wir sind vorbei) pias
megaloh - hip hop (demo) nicht veröffentlicht

11:00 - 11:30 Uhr Markus Wernet (Kölncampus Alumni)
(Moderation: Mac Hellfire)

kindness -soed (world, you need a change of mind) coop
darkside - a1 (darkside - ep) clown & sunset
erdbeerschnitzel - let go (tender leaf) mirau
greene, jacques - arrow (concealer - ep) vase
area code 615 - devil deed and me (delta swamp rock vol. 2) soul jazz records

11:30 -12:00 Uhr Martin Lippert (Intro)
(Moderation: Stefan Fröhlich )

stabil elite - wir kommen aus (douze pouze) italic
tristesse contemporaine - empty hearts (tristesse contemporaine) dirty
disappears - pre-language (pre-language) kranky
tame impala - elephant (canyons wooly mammoth extension) (lonerism) modular
surahn - watching the world (surahn) dfa

12:00 - 12:30 Uhr Jörg Streichert (Jugendkunstfreunde)
(Moderation: Mac Hellfire)

Stott, andy – luxury problems (luxury problems) modern love
peaking lights – midnightin the valley of shadows (lucifer) domino
holter, julia – marienbad (ekstasis) cargo records
saint etienne – when i was seventeen (words & music) island
eno, brian – four (lux) warp records

12:30 - 13:00 Uhr Daniel Rade (Getaddicted)
(Moderation: Jan Schipmann)

in golden tears - underneath the balance (single) humming records
kadavar - black sun (kadavar) this charming
captain planet - pyro (treibeis) zeitstrafe
alt-j - tessellate (an awsome wave) pias
django django - wor (django django) because

13:00 - 13:30 Uhr Sven von Reden (StadtRevue)
(Moderation:Cathrin Herr)

dr john – ice age (locked dawn) nonesuch rec
veloso, caetano – abraçaço (abraçaço) facil brazil
fay, bill – never ending happening (life is people) dead oceans
walker, scott – epizootics (bish bosch) 4ad
cherry, neneh & the thing – accordio (the cherry thing) smalltown supersound

13:30- 14:00 Uhr Ron (a.k.a. Ranen Ghosh-Dastider (Hammerhead)
(Moderation: David Micken)

all pigs must die – god is war (s/t) southern lord
baroness – take my bones away (yellow & green) relapse
sektemtum – aut caesar aut nihil (aut caesar aut nihil) osmose productions
tombs – to cross the land (path to totality) relapse
wowen hand – long horn (the laughing stalk) glitterhouse

15:00 - 15:30 Uhr Christian Werthschulte (Journalist)
(Moderation: Ina Plodroch)

dva - eye know (pretty ugly) hyperdub
mark fell - track 2 (sentielle objectif actualité) editions mego
trevor hartley - it must be love (va-harmony) melody & style
shackleton - wish you better (music for the quiet hour) news a
leif - wut (dark york) free download

15:30 - 16:00 Telle Panza (Musiker)
(Moderation: Juliane Martin)

filthy thieving bastards – counterfeit cassius clay (a melody of retreads and broken quills) byo
the upsession – jackie miller down (the new heavyweight champon) grover rec
spermbirds – my god rides a skateboard (something to prove) rookie rec
salty pajamas – meat country (s/t) off label
nofx – she didn't lose her baby (self entitled) fat wreck

16:00 - 16:30 Dorfjungs (Techno Kollektiv)
(Moderation: Keno Mescher)

duff disco – i won't forget (super sound) dikso
mohn – ebertplatz 2020 (terranova remix) kompakt
tops – diamond look (tender opposites) arbutus rec
elekfantz – wish (bootleg) kompakt
horsch, marvin – inuit dance (noch unveröffentlicht) dorfjungs

16:30 - 17:00 Schere Stein Papier (Indie-Party)
(Moderation: Simone Schlosser)

kilians - walk behind (lines you should not cross) grand hotal van kleef
team me - show me (to the treetops!) propeller recordings
diiv - doused (oshin) captured tracks
whomadewho - inside world (brighter) kompakt
why? - sod in the seed (mumps, etc.) city slang

17:00 - 17:30 The Wet Wings
(Moderation: Benjamin Weber und Fiete Oberkalkofen)
kadavar - goddess of dawn (kadavar) this charming
die toten hosen - tage wie diese (ballast der republik) jkp
jack white - weep themselves to sleep (blunderbuss) xl
foals - inhalter (holy fire) warner
jay-z & kanye west - nias in paris (watch the throne) def jam

17:30 - 18:00 Holger Risse (Intro, DJ)
(Moderation: Juliane Martin)

tame impala – be above it (lonerism) modular people
barnt – geffen (single) cómeme
blur – under the westway (single) emi
surahn .- watching the world (single) dfa
lindstrom – eg-ged-osis (todd terje extended remix) feedelity recording

Live aus dem King Georg:
Wolfgang Frömberg (Intro), Erdmöbel, Ralph Christoph (c/o Pop), Baustelle Kalk, Claus Bachor, Ki-Records, Sebastian Ingenhoff (Camp Inc.)

18:00 - 18:30h Wolfgang Frömberg (Buchautor/Literaturreihe @ King Georg)
(Moderation: Keno Mescher)

Alabama Shakes - Hold On (Boys & Girls) Rough Trade
Francoise Hardy - Le Temps de i'amour (Moonrise Kingdom O.S.T.) Universal
F.S.K. - Kurt Georg Kiesinger bekommt eine Ohrfeige (Akt, eine Treppe hinabsteigend) Buback
Fergus & Geronimo - Earthling Men (Funky Was The State Of Affairs) Hardly Art
Textor - Kreuzberger Nächte (Schwarz Gold Blau) Trikont

18:30 - 19:00h Erdmöbel (Kölner Band)
(Moderation: Simone Schlosser)

bowerbirds - tuck the darkness in (the clearing) dead oceans
fionn regan - st. anthony's fire (the bunkhouse vol.1: anchor black tattoo) www.songs to
bob dylan - duquesne whistle (tempest) smi col
first aid kit - blue (the lion's roar) wichita
alabama shakes - hang loose (boys & girls) rough trade

19:00 - 19:30h Baustelle Kalk (Location/Veranstalter/Bokker)
(Moderation: Tinka Koch)

19:30 - 20:00h Ralph Christoph (Veranstalter c/o pop)
(Moderation: Ina Plodroch)

Kamp - heats
Carla Morrison - hasta la piel
Meredian Brothers - la gitana me ja dejando
Roosevelt - solei
Romaire - i wanna go (Turn back)

20:00 - 20:30h wOLKE (Kölner Band)
(Moderation: Benni Weber)

periscope - speedboat (musikvideo) vimeo.com
poolside - do you believe? (single) future classic
olly murs - heart skips a beat (in case you didn't know) epic
alabama shakes - hang loose (boys & girls)
wolke - ich tu nur so (für immer) tapete

20:30 - 21:00h Claus Bachor (DJ/Produzent)
(Moderation:Leopold Hutter)

nospectacle - what people do all day (deepchord disco dub) (12") detroit threads
zoé zoe - hollow (12") sneaker social club
radio slave - i don't need a cur for this (kenny larkin remix) (12") rekids
garcia, jason - i got people (12") cryovag
god of the machines - look a the earthling (kenny dubman foster remix)
(12") xplor music

21:00 - 21:30h Sebastian Ingenhoff (Camp Inc.)
(Moderation: Benni Kleemann)

willie burns - dr. monkey (l.i.e.s)
barnt - hark (mule)
peaking lights - beautiful son (domino)
colorist - octagon
camp inc. - casanova's castration (in the castro)

21:30 - 22:00h Ki Records (Plattenlabel)
(Moderation: Anke von der Weyer)

christian löffler feat. mohna - eleven (a forest) ki records
destiny's child - say my name (cyril hahn remix)
silent servant - moral divide (negative fascination) hospital productions
milinal - animal rescue force (forest) jumble
kendrick lamar - the art of peer pressure (good kid m.a.a.d. city) interscope

22:30 - 23:00h Maike de Buhr
(Moderation: Leopold Hutter)

lapalux - forgetting and learning again (feat. kerrry leatham) (some other time) brainfeeder
ifan dafydd - treehouse (treehouse) push & run
sleigh bells - comeback kid (reign of terror) mon+pop
cashmere cat - mirror maru (mirror maru) pelican fly
coldplay - fight for your right (beastie boys cover) (live) via soundcloud

22:30 - 23:00h Jan Schipmann
(Moderation: Stefan Fröhlich)

gaslight anthem, the - howl (handwritten) mercury
verlaines, the - what sound is this? (untimely meditations) flying nun
captain planet - aus alt mach neu (treibeis) zeitstrafe
sheeran, ed - small bump (+) asylum
radical face - always gold (the family tree: the roots) nettwerk


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