Plattensport vom 11.01.2019:

Sascha Funke (Multi Culti) & Denis Stockhausen (Kompakt)

Oh my, oh dear, my dear... ANGEBOT - SPEZIAL!
For the price of 1 Plattensport, you get not just one hostess and one DJ but TWO! Sascha Funke & Denis Stockhausen behind the decks for 2 hours.

Sascha Funke & Denis Stockhausen bei Plattensport
Sascha Funke & Denis Stockhausen bei Plattensport

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Happy to welcome Sascha Funke in between his heavy world-touring and music releasing schedule.
Think four to the floor, pop melodies, indie dance style, sometime minimalistic, sometimes krautrocky, always fun. 
With a release portfolio for houses such as Ellen Alien's BPitch, Kompakt, or Multi Culti, Sascha Funke has been quite a productive music-making-machine for almost 2 decades. Having toured the world's best clubs it's fair to say his DJ CV isn't bad either. We've heard he's also a fan of FC Köln, so OK, we'll let him play a few records. 

Denis Stockhausen has been throwing the Gewölbe "My dear" party since 2012, and Sascha Funke is definitely one of his regulars alongside Ellen Allien, Superpitcher, Miss Kittin, Robag Wruhme, and many more.
Denis always has the latest hot shit in his record bag since he gets first pick : his day job is working for Kompakt distribution. Not too shabby. 
His sounds shows a penchant for pop sensibilities, fun and uplifting melodies, and a ton of joyous anthems. When you go to the club, look for the man constantly dancing, singing along, hands up in the air. That's my dear Denis for you.

Tune in! 11.01.2018! 6-8 pm! 

Come to the party! same day from 11.30pm - Gewölbe.

Sascha Funke's Set:

neuzeitliche bodenbeläge – am scheitelpunkt (forthcoming) forthcoming themes for great cities
heap – hague (forthcoming) forthcoming neubau
identified patient – the glance of her (forthcoming) forthcoming pinkman
mr tc – depth gauge (the depth of haze) the hard fist
sascha funke & niklas wandt – umarmung aus holz (wismut) multi culti
dj normal 4 – andalue (secret rave 3) art-aud
c.y.b. - snake bit (snake bit) umm
varum – defragmented data (shadow copy) pulse drift recordings
innershades – revenge (flanders fields) nocta numerica
benjamin froehlich – dream city (axel boman remix) forthcoming permanent vacation
fantastic twins – wrong place wrong time (forthcoming) forthcoming af trax (otimo)
bell towers – my body is a temple (12'') unknown to the unknown

Denis Stockhausen's Set:

efdemin - oh lovely appearance of death (new atlantis) forthcoming ostgut ton
pom pom – untitled (untitled) pom pom
motip white – boose (secret weapons part 11) forthcoming innervisions
marlon hoffstadt – she is my hero (law of attraction 1) midnight themes
earth trax & newborn jr. - hypnosis (mirage ep) les yeux orange
nyra – orbiter (canoe 008) canoe
artist unknown – the hole / das loch (highfish & diringer remix) (errorist) disko b
jürgen paape – nord (nord west) kompakt
90's wax – s.o.s (90's wax) 90's wax
clarian – early life (time safari) forthcoming kompakt
fantastic twins – why you are here (forthcoming) af trax (optimo)
chicks on speed – kaltes klares wasser (malaria! versus chicks on speed barbara morgenstern) moabit records
superpitcher & fantastic twins – in my head (total 17) kompakt


Redaktionelle Leitung und Moderation: Sarah Roellinger

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