Leitung: Daniel, Heiko & Gerrit


Ping Pong vom 20.04.2016:

KC Sound // Elektronische Sendungen United

.   .   .   .    to the floor!


Es wird gefeiert. Mit dabei Kölncampus Musikredakteure von den Sendungen für elektronische Musik Sendungen Borderclash, Behind BPM, und Partikel

house, techno, disco, pussy funk, funk, electronica, und mehr 


phonique - john ()dessous
dexter, james - have it like that () dessous
phonique - john (mr. reelsoul aka mr. v & william "reelsoul2 rodriguez rmx) (dessous)
dexter, james - get to this (dessous)
leon vynehall - saxony (rojus designed to dance) running back
zwicker - made up dub (made up ep) compost black label
central - gratitude (gratitude) help recordings
shan -  (work it) running back
nyc loft trax - untitled (unreleased vol. 2: give me shelter) nyc loft records
shahrokh.soundofk - squeezer (#18) compost black label
shahrokh.soundofk -  chicago (simon flowers remix) (#3o) compost black label
minor science - hapless (noble gas) trilogy tapes
unknown artist - junior on the drums (edits from the junior stable) rhythm section international
count & sinden, the feat. rye rye - hardcore girls (hardcore girls ep) domino
mak & pasteman - bodywork (ep) lobster boy
the face feat. mark brown - hoxton whores mix (needin you hoxton whores remixes) cr2 records
erik erickson - november (ed's ep) swedish brandy
nishimura, shin - schöner montag (gerpan ep) toktok records
model 500 - the chase (juan's version) (the chase) metroplex
count & sinden, the feat. kid sister- beeper sunship vocal mix (beeper) domino
namebrandsound - name brand ah murdah (nowadays pressure) technicolour
flying lotus - c seite (until the quiet comes) warp


Redaktionelle Leitung: Sarah Roellinger, Ilka Geyer, Benni Klemann

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