Leitung: Ilka Geyer & Daniel García González


Partikel vom 16.06.2016:



diamondstein - alone not alone (the ridges) dream catalogue
kwc 92 - nr 1 (iran) l.i.e.s.
anenon - panes (petrol) friends of friends
stott, andy - new romantic (too many voices) modern love
lee gamble - 004 (chain kinematics) uiq
you’re me - applet w (plant cell division) 1080p
dorisburg - votiv (irrbloss) hivern discs
ikin, kane - smooke hood (modern pressure) type
hex - open source (hex) liberation technologies
blawan - rubber industry (the communicat 1022) ternesc
body boys - home life (hood spectrum) opal tapes
huerco s. - a sea of love (for those of you who have never (and als those who have)) proibito
area forty_one - nocturnal passions pt. II (nocturnal passions pt. II) delsin
ash koosha - growl (i aka i) ninja tune
cray twins - a boy (the pier) fang bomb
klara lewis - us (too) editions mego
mogard, abul - tumbling relentless heaps (works) ecstatic
boston 168 - nightcall (oblivion) odd even
paper dollhouse - dunecloud (plutonic rainbows) moondome
orior - particle (strange beauty) dds
eno, brian - the ship (the ship) warp
ex-terrestrial - aletheia (paraworld) 1080p


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