Leitung: Ilka Geyer


Partikel vom 17.03.2016:

!Sound Sound Sound!

... mit s-ill-k!


meredith, anna - nautilus (varmints) moshi moshi records
bourne, matthew - horn and vellum (moogmemory) the leaf label ltd.
corcoran, niamh - infrathin   unreleased
devi, aisha - throat dub (tool) (dub/ throat dub) danse noire
z, pamela - declarations in the first person (n. VÖ)
high wolf- cstrn exercise (n. VÖ)
hum with louise landes levi - koffie & ambacht (t.b.VÖ) sloow tapes
lattimore, mary - jimmy V (at the dam) ghostly international
lorenz, rüdiger - francis and friends (southland) syncord/ bureau b
yearning crew - apple dredger (copper vale) planet mu/ knives
mutamassik - ke nin kai/ after a time she was freed (symbols follow) discrepant
sartorius, julian - blubber (n. VÖ)  
these hidden hands feat. lucrecia dalt - these moments dismantled (these moments dismantled) hidden hundred
matmos - ultimate care II (ultimate care II) thrill jockey


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