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Mixtape vom 03.02.2020:

Mixtape by monibi

mixtape by monibi

This is a mixtape originally commissioned for the second hour of the radio show "Draw the Line", a show featuring female and non-binary producers and DJs; the show is curated by Jacki-E.  The show's tagline: "It's time to say NO to gender imbalance in dance music. It's time to Draw The Line!"

The mixtape was broadcast on Midnight CET on Tuesday 21st Jan on Radio Flintshire and repeated at 11pm CET on Friday 24th Jan on House Nation Toronto Radio.
>> Jacki-E's "Draw the Line" shows on Soundcloud

Monibi is a former Music Editor and hosted the Borderclash show for Kölncampus from 2015-2019. She now hosts the "Etcetera with Monibi" show on Red Light Radio, Amsterdam.
>> Monibi on Soundcloud

ulla straus - net (quiet time)
inner river - arm of the sea (atomnation)dr zygote - loose (black acre)tapes meet the drums of wareika hill sounds - datura mystic dub (honest jon’s)ron morelli - fxk ripper (hospital productions)space farm - dawn of birds (left ear records)wallwork - hacienda (nervous horizon)solitary dancer - heroine dub (optimo trax)acid arab - amal (versatile)s english - face out (l.i.e.s. records)breach - culture (mark e remix) (naked naked)yushhh - bcc: (forthcoming pressure dome)d.k. - forest palace (good morning tapes)moritz von oswald - watamu beach rework (desolat)burial - truant (hyperdub)


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