Leitung: Iman Saeed


Mixtape vom 28.04.2017:

s o l a r p u n k mixtape

Solarpunk is a (mostly) aesthetic-cultural and (sometimes) ethical-political tendency which attempts to imagine a future that gaps the millennia-old rift between human society and the natural world, transforming our relation to the planet by transcending those social structures which lead to systemic ecocide.

It draws a lot from the philosophy of social ecology and the idea of restructuring society to function more like ecology: non-hierarchical, cooperative, diverse, and seeking balance.

Solarpunk’s vision is of an ecological society beyond war, domination, and artificial scarcity; where everything is powered by green energy and a culture of hierarchy and exclusion has been replaced by a culture founded on radical inclusiveness, unity-in-diversity, free cooperation, participatory democracy, and personal self-realisation.

This mixtape is an attempt to create the soundtrack to a fabulated solarpunk city in a (hopefully not too) distant future, featuring minimal, ambient, techno and vaporwave music that embraces the tropes of eco-futurism and evokes the utopian imagery of a better tomorrow.


you're me - lucidity (plant cell division) 1080p
trudge - when the rain (when the rain) lost palms
oscob/digital sex - echoes through the forest (overgrowth) dream catalogue
trudge - true stories can't be told (when the rain) lost palms
slugabed - infinite wave (inherit the earth) planet mu
blank banshee - eco zones (blank banshee 1) self-released
pacific coliseum - ocean city (pacific coliseum) coastal haze
oscob/digital sex - ecostream (overgrowth) dream catalogue
mkwaju ensemble - wood dance (ki-motion) better days
you're me - walled garden (plant cell division) 1080p
hauschildt, steve - sundialed (where all is fled) kranky
kidkanevil + daiuske tanabe - nanotrees (kidsuke) project mooncircle
hiroshi yoshimura - green (green) sona gaia productions
mkwaju ensemble - hot air (ki-motion) better days
eco virtual - cumulus fractus (atmospheres 1) self-released
pyravid - ethereal (googleplex bionetwork) dream catalogue
susumu yokota - future tiger (the boy and the tree) skintone
carlos niño & friends - aetheriaztlan [ft. turn on the sunlight & aztlan unearthed] (flutes, echoes, it's all happening) leaving records
host, the - sunset induction (esalen lectures) touch sensitive
susumu yokota - secret garden (the boy and the tree) skintone
ramzi - ramzi prophecy (houti kush) 1080p
sakamoto, ryuichi - solari (async) milan
mono/poly - night garden (golden skies) brainfeeder
sky h1 - huit (mono no aware) pan
slugabed - earth is gone sorry [ft. lum] (inherit the earth) planet mu
willits, christopher - flowers into stardust (tiger flower circle sun) ghostly international
you're me - soft opening (plant cell division) 1080p


Redaktionelle Leitung: Daniel García González

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