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Bass Me! vom 31.05.2017:

Inge & Malo (baumusik)

Inge & Malo, members of the Cologne-based collective & label baumusik put their DJ hats on and visit Kölncampus for 2 hours of music and a bit of chatter. 

Inge aka Sebastian Ingenhoff, one half of the live acid techno & production duo Camp Inc and his baumusik buddy Malo come and play tunes for Kölncampus "Bass Me". 

Tune in on Wed. May 31st to find out what the have in their crates. 

In the meantime, check out Malo's on point selection in this atmospheric/devotional/meditative mix:

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Inge's tunes:

ob ignitt – jabba beats
joey labeija – scrub (it's not me it's you) (shattered dreams) purple tape pedigree
camp inc & han brock – dizzy plants (it's a rose, a raisin – a festive compilation) baumusik
hall & rauch – neck of the woods (cöllln ii: teile) baumusik
john carpenter with alan howarth - fire in my heart (escape from ny ost)
dmx krew – turing test (east side boogie) voltaire records
morgan geist – 24k (super) environ
roland kaiser whilhelm – hitachi m w (hitachi m w.) baumusik
ory kante – yeke yeke (afro acid edit) (classic remixes vol.1)
against all logic – lkj (a.a.l.) other people
seven davis jr. - celebrations (funkineven edit) (p.a.r.t.y.) aperon records
camp inc – william, this is really dubbed (perche la notte) baumusik
manu dibango – yekey tenge (polysonik) bird production
awa kassemady – baya
abra – come 4 me

Malo's tunes:
lieven martens moana - tradewind (exo) ekster
woods - kaizen (rise) delirio
prins thomas - principe del norte (principe del norte) smalltown supersound
bruce - steals (steals) hessle audio
saschienne - knopfauge (unknown) kompakt
stereociti - moon skin (lost land) mojuba
hiver - tangerine (same mistake twice) curle recordings
roman flügel - warm and dewy (all the right noises) dial
natureboy gold - prozac test (knowes universal broadcast) craigie knowes
the golden filter - unknown
kettenkarussell - brueder (insecurity guard) giegling
vetiver - you may be blue (neighbors remix) (you may be blue remix) fatcat records
boards of canada - collapse (tomorrow's harvest) warp records
prince of denmark - pulsierendes leben (8) forum


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