Leitung: Rinske van der Horst und Amanda Andreas


Lieblingslieder 20.07.22 - 02.08.22

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"Maybe It's Love" ist eine Feier der verschiedenen Arten von Liebe, jenseits aller Klassifizierungen und ein Porträt der Freude des Zusammenkommens aus dem Frühsommer 2021, als die Welt sich nach dem zweiten Lockdown öffnete. Die Sängerin NAARI, aus Dheli stammend, sagt zu ihrem Song:
"Maybe its Love" is a song about what you call love in its deepness, in its richness, in its darkness and flaws. I wrote the song exploring the relation between expectations and experience; how love is an experience we only recognize in hindsight, and can never really understand when its there. The video, for me was made at such an important time. We could feel how everyone missed touching and being around each other , and how essential that is. Filmed right in the middle of the pandemic in 2021, it feels special to have created this video at such a historic moment in recent history."

Hella Wittenberg

Bobby Oroza - I got love (get on the otherside) big crown
Bomb Cats - Third Street Melody (Single) Eigenvertrieb
CAGE - Pretty Face (Single) All Arts Collective Cologne
Camel Power Club & Racoon Racoon - Ventura (Narukanaga) Monty People
Daniel Romano - Genuine Light (La Luna Excerpt) (Single) You've Changed Records
Dina Summer - Crocodile (Rimini) Audiolith
Grey daze - Starting to Fly (The Phoenix) Universal Music
KILL STRINGS - Navigation (Single) MNRK
Lemony Rug - Mt. Everest (Single) Eigenvertrieb
Liar Thief Bandit - Peace with Disaster (Diamonds) The Sign Records
Lyschko feat. Drangsal - Fremd (Single) My Favourite Chords
MANA - Ilusión (Single) Eigenvertrieb
NAARI - Maybe It's Love (Single) House of Strength/ Zeralution
Powerwolf - Sainted by the Storm (The Monument Mass) Napalm Records
Ria feat. Ebow - Was du willst (Single) Eigenvertrieb
RickoLus - Shivering (Bones) buback records
Seventh Storm - Saudade (Maledictus) Copyright Control
Sinner - Brotherhood (Brotherhood) Stormblast Records
Soccer Mommy - Don't Ask me (Sometimes, Forever) Loma Vista
Steve Lacy - Bad Habit (Gemini Rights) L-M Records
Stimming - Alpe Luisa (Robag Wruhme's Troi Sdett remix) (Rokbellada EP) Tulpa Ovi Records
Sudan Archives - NBPQ (Single) beats international
Talco - muro di plastica (single) HFMN Crew
The Riven - Fly free (single) the sign records
Thee Sacred Souls - Overflowing (Single) Daptone/Penrose Records
Tiggi Hawke - Giants (Single) Tileyard Records
True North - Not Alone (Out loud) Out of line Records
Viagra Boys - Troglodyte (Cave world) YEAR0001
Walking on Rivers - Lights Go out (single) Eigenvertrieb
Wu-Lu feat. Lex Amor - South (LOGGERHEAD) Warp Records

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