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Lieblingslieder 05.05.21 - 18.05.21

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Akne Kid Joe - Nein danke! (Single)Kidnap Music

Anika - Finger Pies (Single) Invada Records

Anna Leone - Still I Wait (Still I Wait)  AllPoints / Half Awake / Believe

Cassia - Right There (Magnifier) BMG

Dekker - Small Wins (Single) B Dekker Records

DJ T - Harem Disco (Chaim & Uriah Klapter Remix) (Trans Orient Express (Album Remixes II))

Doctor Flake - Yukadans (Dub Version) (Ayyuka in Dub) New Deal

Ebow - Tunnel (QUEER AF II)  ALVOZAY

El Michels Affair Meets Liam Bailey - Awkward (take 2) (single) Big Crown

Emma Beko – Mhs (Single) (self-distributed)

Faye Webster - Cheers (Single) Secretely Canadian

Flying Lotus - African Samurai (feat. Denzel Curry) Yasuke Warp

Friendless feat. Jannah Beth – Drip (Single) Goodintent

Galv - Picasso feat. Dj Danetic (Single) Rummelplatzmusik

Good Morning – Mollyduker (Single) Polyvinyl

Greentea Peng - Nah It Ain’t The Same (Single) AMF Records

IDER - Cross Yourself (Single)

Iron & Wine - This Solemn Day (Archive Series Volume 5) Tallahassee recordings

Jon and Roy - Here's where you're wrong (Known your mind) (self-distributed)

Kid the Child - River and Ocean (Single) Eigenvertrieb

La Femme - Le Sang de Mon Prochain (Single) Disque Pointu

Myd - The sun (born a loser) beats international

Noa Erni - The mental traveller theme (feat. nardo says) (the mental traveller) kommerz records

Novaa - This Ain´t Your Home (She's A Rose) Novalty

Rejie Snow feat. Grouptherapy. & Cam O‘bi - Relax (Single) BMG Rights Management

SCHWARZ – Sunscreen (Single)

Shirley Holmes – Konzoom (Single) Rookie Records

Shkoon - Forgotten Stories (Single) Shkoon Music

Skindred – Ratrace (Roots Rock Riot Re Issue) Skindred

Takiru - The Prophet (Original. Mix) (Single) Camel Riders

Zainab Lax – River (Single) Zainab Lax

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