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Lieblingslieder 12.08.2020- 25.08.2020

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Die experimentelle Multigenre-Band SALOMEA aus Köln.
Karl F. Degenhardt
Die experimentelle Multigenre-Band SALOMEA aus Köln.

Acacia Strain, The - The Lucid Dream (Slow Decay) Rise Records

Ajudha, Poppy - Watermelon Man (Under The Sun) (Single) Universal Music

Bazooka Zirkus - Herr Klein schmiedet sein Glück (Single) Rookie Records

Butcher Brown - #KingButch (Single) Concord Jazz

Chefket - UBR (feat. May) (Single) Eigenvertrieb

Constance, Connie - James (Single) Jump the Fence

David, Jonas - SORRI (Single) Haldern Pop

DJ Densen - Get Enough (feat. Fabio Battista & .MLND) (Single) Groove Attack

Emmure - I*ve Seen God (Hindsight) Sharptone Records

Everything Is Recorded - 02:56 AM / I DONT WANT THIS FEELING TO STOP (feat. Flohio) (FRIDAY FOREVER) XL Recordings

F.E.I.D.L. - Glaub Da Nix (F.E.I.D.L. EP) Numavi Records/Phantom Records

GoGo Penguin – Kora (GoGo Penguin) Decca France

Horatio Luna – Fuck The System (Single) The Jazz Diaries

Hudson Mohawke - Monte Fisto (B.B.H.E.) Warp

L.A. Salami - The Cause Of Doubt & A Reason To Have Faith (The Cause Of Doubt & A Reason To Have Faith EP) Beats International

La Havas, Lianne - Read My Mind (Lianne La Havas) Warner Records UK

Leto - Rotenburg (Single) Rookie Records

Lord Folter - Papierflieger (1992day) Nyati / HHV

Nito - Orb (NITO EP) Eigenvertrieb

Sabre, Maverick - Don‘t You Know By Now (You Know How It Feels) NAMM

SALOMEA - In This Together (Single) yellowbird Records

Smith, Jorja – Rose Rouge (Single) Decca France

Sol, Cleo - Shine (Single) Forever Living Originals

Temowo, Femi - Breathe (feat. Theo Croker & Soweto Kinch) (Single) Femitone Music

The Four Owls - Air Strike (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man) (Nocturnal Instinct) High Focus Records

Vigil, The - Above The Stone (Single) Eigenvertrieb

Wilding, Luca - Johanna (Single) Abbey Records

Williams, Kamaal - Pigalle (Wu Hen) Black Focus Records

YEAR OF THE OX - Kombucha (feat. DJ Zo) (The Rollout Mixtape) BORN CTZN  

Yellow Days - Getting Closer (A Day in A Yellow Beat) Sony Music

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