Plattensport vom 03.06.2017:

Rebecca von Kalinowsky (Rote Liebe)

DJ/ producer/ label co-founder Rebecca von Kalinowsky pays a visit to the Kölncampus studio with a 2-hour DJ-Set in the bag.

Rote Liebe

We chat to DJ / producer Rebecca von Kalinowsky, resident in Cologne's techno club Gewölbe, and we discuss among other things her label & party series Rote Liebe where she released her debut EP "Ceres“ last year. 

Have a taste of her sound and listen to a set recorded at Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf:

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Rote Liebe

Kölncampus Plattensport
Sat. 3 June 2017

hier dir träcks:

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Redaktionelle Leitung und Moderation: Sarah Roellinger