Plattensport vom 18.03.2017:

Denis Stockhausen

Berlin-born and bred Denis Stockhausen, Gewölbe resident DJ behind the party series "My Dear", graces us with a 2 hour DJ-Set.

Denis Stockhausen

Born and bred in Berlin Friedrichshain, teenager Denis discovered electronic music and the Berlin club culture in 1998; this quickly led him to get himself a pair of turntables and a mixer... The usual DJ story goes like this: "I'm a DJ, I love techno, I'm moving to Berlin"... but not so for Denis, who left the electronic music mecca for Cologne in 2003 at the time deep in minimal techno fever. 

Only a couple of years after moving to his new dom-home, Denis joined the techno institution Kompakt and has been working for the distributor for a little over 10 years now, ensuring a lavishly electronic music diet for his ears.

You've probably heard his selection in Gewölbe, where he's been hosting his party series "My Dear" for a solid 5 years now. If not, you can check his sound out here!

wechsel garland – swim (kosi? swim edit) (reincarnations / the remixes chapter 2001-2009) get pysical music
sascha funke – o, rest ye, we will wander more forthcoming (ef 078) endless flight
bruce – before you sleep (before you sleep/ in line / sweat) hemlock recordings
rhythm & sound - queen queen version (10'') burial mix
rhythm & sound w/ jennifer lara - queen in my empire (10'') burial mix
mathew jonson – she is she (she is she) itiswhoitis
phran – vimanismo (grit ep) klasse wrecks
rick wade – stand alone (escapism) people of earth
k-lakizz – non-importa (schwebstaub) sender records*
a1 people – do it (metamatics mix) (do it) hydrogen dukebox
m.u.s.i.q.u.e – over to you (darkness has never been so bright) la dame noir records
even tuell – control a zoid (aqua jet ep) musik krause
electric indigo – hitchhiker (austrian giants – use me vol.2) müller records
falko brocksieper – out of ehrenfeld (12”) sub static
the golden filter – now we get lost (still // alone) optimo music
carsten jost – pink (pinksilver) sender records
samo dj – drunkenstein (drunkenstein ep) the trilogy tapes
marvin horsch – skombish (single) self released
ellen allien - mind journey (single) boitch control
dandy jack nd the junction m – casper house (los siete castigos) perlon


Redaktionelle Leitung und Moderation: Sarah Roellinger