Plattensport vom 06.08.2016:

folkloric rhythms & deep synths

Plattensport macht Sommerpause...

sarapix gibt trotzdem 1 Stunde Mix von Kölncampus Musikredakteurin Sarah Roellinger.

francis bebey - forest nativity (red axes edit) (single free dl)
trikk - modo ritmico (several ep) optimo trax
malouane - i did this at work (iac001) in any case records
naphta - claws (polo house - a look into the bowels of the polish house underground) transatlantyk
interstate - papaya resort (single) forthcoming 12 recs
sweely - my love was just for you (single free dl)
jackmate - pacemaker [ft. nik reiff] (pampa records vol. 1) pampa records
chaos in the cbd - background explorer (global erosion) yam recordings
mr. assister - bala (bala/ reggae drums) 1-800 dinosaur
lukas nystrand von unge - aroubi song (ep no. 2) studio barnhus
with you - no resistance (beating heart: malawi) beating heart
nese karabocek - yali yali (tood terje edit) (single free dl)
romare - james (single free dl)

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Redaktionelle Leitung: Sarah Roellinger