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Ping Pong vom 20.01.2016:

Mme & Mlle // B2B house & techno DJ-Set // Teil 2

Mme et Mlle vous souhaitent la bienvenue en 2o16 ... und es wird b2b gemixt bis die Sonne wiederkommt. Naja, ... fast. 


Kocht, esst, tanzt oder macht Liebe dazu! Hauptsache, Ihr genießt House, Techno, Trap, Juke ... was auch immer uns in den Sinn kommt!

cntrl -  samna (modulated rhythm ep) what you want
quince - rem (rem / alpha) clone store only series
stimming - sunday morning (reflections) diynamic
dj richard - zero (all pt. 1) dial
dapayk & padberg - island nôze remix (black beauty rmxs) mo's ferry prod
youandwan - stak poly looms (spiral arms) aus
eats everything - the size (eats everything ep) dirtybird
mella dee - trellick (trellick/here ep) lobster boy
martin, justin - the fugitive (the fugitive ep) buzzin' fly
zomby - surf 1 (let's jam ep ) xl
bicep & midland - dmil club & dub ()
gamer tag - maze impact (you don't know me ep) all city records
bourgeois, rené - at night (unami mix) shaker plates
primitive worlds - tides of lust (purple caps ep) r&s records
munnibrotherz - moon chon chayoh  (munnibrotherz ep) dirtybird
iori - monsoon (monsoon / rainfall ep) phonica white
stella - bad news entertainment (bad news entertainment) l'age d'or
alan braxe & fred falke - intro (ep) vulture
rodriguez, roberto - moonraker (moonraker serenade ep) laka
dj sotofett - tribute for sore fingers (percussions mixes vol. 1) fit
stimming - the kiss (reflections) diynamics
roy davis jr. ft. pevin everett - gabrielle (ep) large records
worgull, marcus - long way (long way/ coppa ep) innervisions
karmil, matt - kiss and make up (fight) endless flight
midland - trace/ for (yacht) club use only' (vynehall's port side manoeuver, 130 knots mix) ( trace/ for (yacht) club use only' remixes) aus
martyn - u1-u8 (falling for you) ostgut ton
karmil, matt - moment (dans maxi fran nacksving) studio barnhus
junktion - breakfast at midnight (brame & hamo remix) (strings attached ep) outplay
tiger stripes feat. vanita - twilight original (twilight) studio barnhus
paul chin - deep jupiter (shigeto remix) (dancing drums) bastard jazz recordings
sarah williams heart - hum (paul white remix) first word records


Redaktionelle Leitung: Ilka Geyer

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