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Partikel vom 21.04.2016:

((( sound sound sound )))

... mit s-ill-k!


dwarfs of east agouza, the - baka of the future (bes) nawa recordings
calhau! - herodes (ú) k-raa-k
razen - sorcerer (endrhymes) k-raa-k
lxmp - buzia z buzi (zony w praci) lado abc
abrahams, chris - as tranquil as an apple (fluid to the influence) room 4o
abrahams, chris - trumpets of bindweed (fluid to the influence) room 4o
cray twins, the - duao 1 (the pier) fang bomb
eno, brian - the ship (the ship) opal/ warp
babyfather feat. arca - deep (bbf) hyperdub
martijn comes - depths of the nile (daniel ruane rmx) (the interpreter) the silent howl
thomas, fred - partita in c minor (daniel ruane rmx) (the interpreter) the silent howl
amnesia scanner - as want it (as) young turks
imaginary forces - visitation (visitation) fang bomb
woodleigh research facility, the - brackstone abroad (the phoenix suburb (and other stories)) rotters golf club
jarre, jean - michel - exit (exit) columbia/ sony



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