Leitung: Marta Falfasinski & Federico Kersting


Mixtape vom 02.03.2018:


a musical journey around the globe that embraces diverse and multi-ethnic musical styles.

Some sociologists might argue that the Fourth World is an extension of the Three-World-Model, used variably to refer to

  1. Sub-populations socially excluded from global society;
  2. Hunter-gatherer, nomadic, pastoral, and some subsistence farming peoples living beyond the modern industrial norm.
  3. Sub-populations existing in a First World country, but with the living standards of those of a Third World , or developing country.
Trumpet player and composer Jon Hassell describes his style as Fourth World Music:
 "a unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques"

This mixtape tries to reflect both concepts regarding its blend of styles as well as the lyrical, conceptual or musical intention or message behind some of its selection.
Either way it reflects a musical journey around the globe that embraces diverse and multi-ethnic musical styles.

howie lee - four seas (homeless) do hits
tagaq, tanya - growl (auk/blood) jericho beach music
tzusing - the sun rises in the east, i remain undefeated (invincible east) l.i.e.s.
jlin - hatshepsut (black origami) hyperdub
reyes, jorge - the nine directions (prehispanic) paramusica
zepeda, antonio - el colibri zurdo (el templo mayor) olinkan
howie lee - muztagata (homeless) do hits
gonjasufi - afrikan spaceship [ras g ghettoscifi remix] (mandela effect) warp
rage against the machine - people of the sun (evil empire) epic
dälek - son of immigrants (endangered philosophies) ipecac
musci, roberto - tamatave (tower of silence) music from memory
mkwaju ensemble - angwora steps (ki-motion) better days
hassel, jon/brian eno - ba-benzélé (fourth world vol. 1: possible musics) editions eg
fawda trio ft. maleem soudani - aisha (road to essaouira) original cultures
demdike stare - bardo thodol (liberation through hearing) modern love
jlin - holy child (black origami) hyperdub
al qadiri, fatima - shaneera (shaneera) hyperdub
tzusing - face of electric (a name out of place pt. III) l.i.e.s.
susumu yokota - future tiger (the boy and the tree) skintone
flying lotus - melt! (los angeles) warp
guzz - the rainbow bridge (an elephant in the jungle) do hits
ras g - been cosmic (back on the planet) brainfeeder
clap! clap! - please mother rain wash our souls from human evil (gwidingwi dema) origami sound
sepultura - ratamahatta (roots) roadrunner
zepeda, antonio - la danza de los nahuales (retorno a aztlan) olinkan
lofimaker – sui ya jiao shi (chang sheng lian) do hits
jherek bischoff vs konono no°1 - kule kule (orchestral version) (va - tradi-mods vs rockers: alternative takes on congotronics) crammed discs
peréz, luis - xochiyaoyoloh (las guerras floridas) (ipan in xiktli metztli) issste
jlin - carbon 7 (black origami) hyperdub
black zone myth chant - feng jing (feng shen) editions gravats


Redaktionelle Leitung: Daniel García González