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Mixtape vom 25.08.2017:

80/40 borderclash tape-share

sharing is caring - a 80/40 borderclash tape-share

tu schön essen
tu schön essen


---part 1 - lody botion vol. 0 mix by xochi---

oobe - virtual-e (amarcord) blueberry records
sailora - sight [cockpit] (sweden by night)[driven] 101.io
kutmah - lifted (trobbb!) big dada
dim grimm - grindae (perlissop II) self-released
dim grimm - leboro (perlissop II) self-released
kutmah - thoughts under the full moon [ft. akello g light] (trobbb!) big dada
piper spray - doghead clowns [ft. pedro de pakos, blue stork & ann dunham] (drugstore phones) ghost zvuk
oneohtrix point never - romance apocalypse (good time ost) warp
piper spray - they broken this track (drugstore phones) ghost zvuk
flanger - chlorophyll drop shot (lollopy dripper) nonplace
piper spray - trimmed eyes [ft. 23 million pigs worldwide] (drugstore phones) ghost zvuk
vvv x sangam - wanderer's lane (wanderer's lane) aurawire
varg - i think i'd lie for you (nordic flora series pt. I: heroine) northern electronics
afx - 4x atlantis take1 (orphans) warp
belief defect - disembarking horizons (decadent yet depraved) raster
nmesh - //// LD-99//// (pharma) orange milk
líneas - cruizin' 64 (pre-gamin') self-released
phil struck - 24 (qtt 5) quiet time tapes
antonio zepeda - la danza de los nahuales (retorno a aztlan) olinkan
dillinger escape plan - weekend sex change (calculating infinity) relapse
demon queen - rude boy [ft. n8 noface] (exorcise tape) rad cult
damon eliza palermo - lost in asia (clouds of david) 1080p

---part 2 - kolla august 2017 mix by monibi---

move d - roll split / away music
saine & smith - sir viktig / 2mr
chaos in the cbd - united identities / in dust we trust
bartellow - saba / esp
architectural - cubismo 8.3 / architectural
young wolf - kabuki - ritual version / themes for great cities
daphni - xing tian / jiaolong
randomer - rye / l.i.e.s.
tanzania soundsystem - ngono kijiji / highlife
radio slave - reverse / rekids
randomer - residents / l.i.e.s.

...everything is everything...


Redaktionelle Leitung: Daniel García González, Sarah Roellinger

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