Leitung: Marta Falfasinski & Federico Kersting


Mixtape vom 03.07.2017:


Weiter in 2k17 mit dem neuen Mixtape von Lennard aka WinneOneScrew.


Internet Reality Check 102 - die Playlist:
yung bruh - are you online? (e m o c e a n)
playboi carti - yungxanhoe (in abundance)
marcy mane - pimp talk (light it up)
jr & ph7 & st. joe louis - coral cadavers (coral cadavers)
danger incorporated - diamonds (are you afraid of the danger boys?)
smug mang - baby gurl ft. max wonders (the coldest winter ever)
icytwat - dior junts (dior junts)
baby.daddi - kodak (baby.daddi ep)
for the slab - sun ra in a 64 (as playa as possible)
alphamob - positiv interlude (swaffle phonk)
spooky black - dj khaled is my father (leaving ep)
deniro farrar - 2am (guilty until proven innocent ep)
le$ - top down (midnight club)
karmah - lnf (closed minded)
a.chal - perdóname (on gaz)
ltheblackprince - blakkk blossom (blackkk luv the beat tape)
the underachievers - how we roll (renaissance)
le$ - laid up (midnight club)
tarika blue - dreamflower (tarika blue) [sample]
cashy - word to the wise (finals)
gunplay - hoeing on the low (the plug)
françois - los raros ft. kai peaks (spd-20 | brazil)
yaya - r a u c h s (up)
pyramid quince - hot box ft. slim patron (when the smoke clears)
luidiamonds - gary payton ft. raymarc, tlm & quince (ipadchain)
icytwat - get it of ft. cyrax (dior junts)
mc holocaust - netflix n kill (mc holocaust greatest hits)
lucki eck$ - still steal ft. ransah (x)
syringe - welp ft. eric north (evil nigga)
lil soda boi - junkys [the real star boy] (?)
mk aka mtothek - lemonade (unreleased)
yaya - n a t i v e (up)
wandl - 0800-333-talk (it’s all good tho)
shkkad - denise (singel) bandcamp
divine council - jodeci pt. 2 (db$b)
get it
jpdreamthug - kissed with mint (velvet sage)
keithcharles spacebar - about me (chillin…killin)
benno gut - egal (heim)
jimi tents - should’ve called, pt. 2 ft. saidbysed (i can’t go home)
thestand4rd - binoculars (thestand4rd)
nappy roots - take a deep breath ft. micah freeman & fortbowie (another 40 akerz)
trademark da skydiver & young roddy - family business (family business)
azizi gibson - nintendo king (memoirs of the reaper)
smug mang - i wanna thank you (the coldest winter ever)
the kondi band - thank you mama (salone)


Redaktionelle Leitung und Moderation: Lennard Winschel