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Mixtape vom 26.05.2017:

spotlight: Stay True Sounds

Stay True Sounds is a relatively new label from Johannesburg, South Africa and is the brain child of the two DJs and producers Allan Nicoll (aka Kid Fonque) Jullian Gomes. Both are in their own ways indispensable members of the South African electronic music and underground scene: Nicoll established one of the biggest house music labels in the country and continously opens ears and minds on the dancefloor with his soulful sets ranging from lounge over broken beat and brazilian rhythms to classic hiphop and house a like. An alumni of the Red Bull Academy Cape Town, Gomes has been involved in numerous legendary local productions and has just released his chart topping debut album "Late Dreamer" which features impeccable deep and soulful house productions.
In just over a year of existence, Stay True Sounds has managed to put out some very interesting releases ranging from deep house to afro tech and electronica, all from local, underground talent - making them the number one address for an exiting, fresh approach to South African electronic music.

1 Melo B Jones - Oh Boy (single) selbstveröffentlicht
2 The Band (Emamkay and Angela Nimah) - Party Lights (single) selbstveröffentlicht
3 ECHLN - Step (feat. Angelo Quila & FonZo) (dtw free downloads) darker than wax
4 Beat Sampras -  Glory (single) selbstveröffentlicht
Kid Fonque, Cuebur, Jonny Miller, Andy Boi & Okmalumkoolkat - Usangikhumbula (usangikhumbula remixes) soul candi records
6 NtsakoSoul - For the Culture (Mash Remix) (for the culture ep) stay true sounds
7 Kid Fonque, Daev Martian - Bossa over ? (Daev Martian Remix) (bossa over? ep) stay true sounds
8 NtsakoSoul - Feeling (for the culture ep) stay true sounds
9 Mash - Milestone (stay true selections, vol. 2) stay true sounds
10 Sean Munnick - Respect My Hustle (stay true selections, vol.1) stay true sounds
11 Jay Em - Kwibo (the september blueprint ep) stay true sounds
12 Ta-Ice - Goodies (feat. Myazisto) (my tutuorials, pt. 4) stay true sounds
13 Okayshades - The Premise (stay true selections, vol.1) stay true sounds
14 Avi Subban - The Ponch (stay true selections, vol. 2) stay true sounds
15 Kat la kat - The Motive (strange signals ep) swedish brandy productions
16 Jullian Gomes - Love Song 28 (feat. Bobby) (late dreamer) atjazz record company
17 Dwson - XVXL (more of you ep) cruel section records
18 Jullian Gomes - 1000 Memories (feat. Sio) (late dreamer) atjazz record company
19 BillowJazz - Gotta Luv (stay true selections, vol. 2) stay true sounds
20 Cuebur, Freedom Elementz - Mind Control (stay true selections, vol. 1) stay true sounds
21 G-Family, Christo - The Guest (Christo Remix) (stay true selections, vol. ) stay true sounds
22 Kid Fonque - 2Sides (be ep) atjazz record company
23 Cornelius - Keep Your Mouth Shut (stay true selections, vol. 2) stay true sounds
24 Bruce Loko - Shores of Madagascar (after dark) stay true sounds


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