Leitung: Marta Falfasinski & Federico Kersting


Mixtape vom 10.04.2017:

Not African Enough?

The perception of Africa in the West and what "African" means are often nourished by UNICEF ads and images of western culture as superior.  There is little room for imagining Africa as a modern continent, a fact that is also reflected in the music industries, which incidents like these show. 
I personally have played friends in Germany deep house music from South Africa and they did not believe it was South African.
This mixtape is therefore a showcase of some of my favorite Southern African tunes which are "not african enough". Enjoy some of the freshest underground talent from these parts of the world, ranging from electronica and lounge to bass, soulful and deep house.

(CC-0) misio / pixabay.com


escapism refuge - red lights (red lights ep) deep heads
phiri, nonku - things we do on the weekend (single) albino black
dunn kidda - jas now (kwaai-fi vol 1) kwaai-fi
laband, felix - dirty nightgown (dark days exit) compost
kajama - pop critical (polarity prism ep) subterranean wavelength
propper ganda - bud (dub) (kingdom vault series I: deep house ep) antidote
kid fonque - bossa over? (daev martian remix) (single) stay true sounds
kat la kat - strange signals (strange signals ep) swedish brandy productions
brainz & mmely - depths of malagwane (secret souls down-hill edit) (kingdom vault series I: deep house ep) antidote
munnick, sean - respect my hustle (stay true selections, vol.1) stay true sounds
deep, winnie & robin k - lost in groove (dwson remix) (single) just move
jay em - kwibo (the september blueprint - ep) stay true sounds
xtrovet dj - sunrise (sub elections) onesun yellow
jazuelle & lazarusman - forget me (jazuelle winter solstice) (africa gets physical) get physical
fever trails - stop that too juicy (okayshades remix) (wax bridge) quit safari
sacred soul - places (feat. gugu zulu) (africa 2 africa selections) soul candi 
sk 95 - kano's rhythm feat. kano (da capo's surreal experience) (africa 2 africa selections) soul candi
g-family - the guest (christo remix) (stay true selections, vol.1) stay true sounds
kd fonque & d-malice (feat. ruby white) - life is real (punk mbedzi remix) (single) stay true sounds
luka - invite me in (feat. sio blackwidow) (single) we go deep
lord-driga markwaeh - spiritual aroma (urban spring) smooth agent records
nutty nys - moving on feat. lu (stasoul deeper remix) (single) house afrika
loko, bruce - the arkenstone of thrain (africa gets physical) get physical


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