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Cut and Paste vom 13.01.2017:

Cologne Music Week Fokus: Modularfield, Cologne Sessions & Clean Slean

From the 14th to the 20th, Cologne Music Week is back in our Kölner clubs, bars, and concert venues! We'll be looking at the electronic music program, letting you know about all the parties going on.  We also welcome Cologne label Modularfield & party promoter Cologne Sessions in the studio who'll tell us all about their respective CMW events. Last but not least, Clean Slean will also join us and tell us what you can expect at his upcoming show. Tune in!

cologne music week

tomatito - despacito (bulerías)
hannah köpf - stay here for a while (lonely dancer)
tom waits - singapore
fuzzy vox - bo diddley (no landing plan)
clean slean - girl (single) self-release
clean slean - games (unreleased) 
clean slean - coke light (single) self-release

Cologne music week special

söhnlein brilliant – live at tiefgarage (baumusik)

Stefan von Modularfield:
stiver - in out (modularfield patterns) modularfield
the_empath - snowdrop (pattern mix) (modularfield patterns) modularfield
pixelord - alpha (modularfield patterns) modularfield
dapayk & padberg - sink this ship (robot koch remix) (modularfield patterns) modularfield
stillhead - bells (modularfield patterns) modularfield

Mitch von Cologne Sessions:
dj stingray 313 - acetylcholine (cognition) lower parts
drexicya - andrean sand dunes (neptune's lair) tresor
dopplereffekt - technic 1200 (gesamkunstwerk) international deejay gigolo records
tranllusion - dimensional glide (the opening of the cerebral gate) supremat
dj stingray - erbb4 (cognition) lower parts
dopplereffekt - pronoactress (gesamkunstwerk) international deejay gigolo records

hade - jeep cherokee xj (hade edits) razor n tape
hade - my thang (hade edits) razor n tape


Redaktionelle Leitung und Moderation: Sarah Roellinger