Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Borderclash vom 26.12.2018:

Best of 2018 Mixtape

Best of 2018 Mixtape


beginning: chill (funk, jazz, ambient)
middle: party (techno, house, bass)
end: come down (wave, experimental, electronica)

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basa basa - homowo (homowo - reissue) vintage voudou
boncana maiga - komya hondo (koyma hondo - reissue) hot casa 
carrie cleveland - love will set you free (looking up - reissue) kalita records
kokoroko - abusey junction (we out here) brownswood
joe armon jones - almost went too far (starting today) brownswood
kuzich (823 records) - innervisions ft. mei saraswati (dawn chorus) jakarta records
ramzi - oxum (phobiza vol. 3: amor fati) fati records
dj paradise - mbizi (bblisss) bblisss
kilchhoffer - leng (the book room) marionette
pariah - pith (here from where we are) houndstooth
kelly moran - helix (ultraviolet) warp
blue veil - broken pieces (natural boundary ep) dichotomy
bruce - baychimo (sondersomatic) hessle audio
steven julien - teer (8 ball) apron records
dollkraut - lezdom (fetish ep) charlois
falty dl - medium size room (three rooms ep) hypercolour
yasmine hamdan - café by acid arab (jamilat reprise) crammed discs
tin man - bass tunnel (acid acid acid - reissue) acid test
the maghreban - monster vip (monster vip) r&s
ross from friends - thank god i'm a lizard (family portrait) brainfeeder
lsdxoxo - freakquency (body mods) self-release
e-talking - telephone rose (blue 04) whities
srvd - elavate (elevate) rekids
joy o & ben vince - systems algin (transition 2 / systems align) hessle audio
koova - conduit (conducere) brokntoys
ngly - strange expressions (cities of illusion) l.i.e.s.*
sol - erytrea nedege (saho) (eritrea ep) alma negra
jo - tail lift (tail lift / mph) hessle audio*
sordid sound system - dia de muertos (psychedelic dungeon disco vol. iv) invisible inc
dengue dengue dengue ft. penya - pua (semillero) on the corner records
oliver coates - charlev (shelley's on zenn-la) rvng
ron morelli - fxk ripper (disappear) hospital productions
fumu - disto beatz (sinuate) youth
zuli - trigger finger (trigger finger) haunter records
aisha devi - dislocation of the alpha (dna feelings) houndstooth
skee mask - session add (compro) illian tape
dj koze - muddy funster (knock knock) pampa records
nils frahm - my friend the forest (all melody) erased tapes


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