Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Borderclash vom 12.12.2018:

Borderclash best of 2018 + Waltraud Blischke (DJ Set)

Waltraud Blischke (A-Musik, baumusik) in the mix + the borderclash team gets together and presents their favourite releases of 2018

So much good music in 2018 calls for a special, extended, all-star Borderclash show!

The whole team (Cochino, Jojo, Thelonious Mark, & Monibi) gets together and joins in the yearly musical celebration by presenting their respective favourite 5 tracks of the year.
What's it all gonna be?

After the soundclash-style best of 2018, the hosting frenzy continues with our last guest this year: Cologne home-grown Waltraud Blischke.

Waltraud has been DJing for over two decades now, cooperating with Cologne music institutions like the record shop "a-Musik" and the music label "baumusik".
In love with sub bass-friendly, eclectic and experimental DJ sets, Waltraud Blischke knows how to keep a strong connection with the dancefloor.

By night, her selection has been heard in art & music spaces such as Gold+Beton; she also boasts past residencies in King Georg and former (legendary) Stecken. 
More recently, she's played at Forbidden City in Antwerp, hosted a live show in Cologne with Haco, Tarnovski, Miki Yui and Decha.

Check out Waltraud's selection for the NTS Jules' Neue Tanz show:
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By day, Waltraud Blischke is involved in several education, writing, and editing projects: she's a lecturer at the Institute For Music And Media in Düsseldorf and she writes for music magazines. She's also tried her hand at party & concert promotion within the independent cultural local scene. 

Waltraud will be DJing in Studio 672 on Friday night (14.12.2018).
The night kicks off at 10pm with 2 concerts:
Loraine James (London, elctronica/idm)
Donna Maya (Berlin, bass music)
followed by Waltraud & Monibi behind the decks.

More info about the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2218619378350293/

dj paradise – mbizi (bblisss) bblisss
skee mask – rev 8617 8compro) skee mask
jeremiah jae – all me (daffi) hit + run
wanderwelle – seed of the aeroi (gathering of the ancient spirits) silent season
pendant – ibx - bzc (make me know you sweet) west mineral ltd.
zuli – trigger finger (trigger finger) haunter records
kelly moran – helix (ultraviolet) warp
jon hassell – dreaming (listening to pictures) ndeya
joe armon-jones – almost went too far (starting today) brownswood
will sessions & amp fiddler – reconcile (the one) sessions sounds
toshio matsuura group – do the astral plane (lovepladance - 8 scenes from the floor) self-release
kuzich feat. mei saraswati – innervisions (dawn chorus) 823 records
di melo – a.e.i.o.u. (single) favorite
fedia laguerre – divizion (voilaaa remix) (divizion) atangana records
lsdxoxo – freakquency (body mods)
children of zeus – vibrations (zed bias remix) (travel light) first word records
benny sings – who wins (beat tape) self-release
pariah – pith (here from where we are) houndstooth

Waltraud's set:

grimes – urban twilight (darkbloom) hippos in tanks
tatu rönkkö – tekoäly (spheres) sonic pieces
céline gillain – youth and beauty (what happens if I open my mouth) lexi disques
arclight – purple city (holographic) vase
la vampires – his love by octo octa (freedom 2k) 100% silk
jenifa mayanja – thinkin' about it (woman walking in the shadows - remix album) bu-mako recordings
laurel halo – focus 1 (in situ) honest jon's records
viola klein – n'aie pas peur ft. florent kandety (a passport and a visa stamped by the holy ghost) meakusma
austra + gina x – doldrums remix (mayan drums) domino
elysia crampton – american drift (american drift) blueberry records
maat – maats tz (the next) pacific city sound vision
mariah – shisen (utakata no hibi) palto flats
saada bonaire – the facts (saada bonaire) captured tracks /fantasy memory
annabouboula – don't worry, ma (min stenachoriesse mana) (hamam) virgin
onyeka – trina four (highland town) (in the morning light) ayollo records
stella rambisai chiweshe – zungunde (chisi) piranha
kalambua sisters – katelina (katelina) zensor


Moderation: Mark Neustadt, Johannes Wolff, Daniel García González, Sarah Roellinger
Redaktionelle Leitung: Sarah Roellinger