Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Borderclash vom 27.12.2017:

Borderclash // Take 5 // Best of 2017 pt. 2

richard spaven - alfama (the self) fine line records
binker & moses - valley of the ultra blacks (journey to the mountain of forever) gearbox records
hieroglyphic being, sarathy korwar & shabaka hutchings - the doctrines of swedenborg (single) technicolour
nihiloxica - nilo chug (nihiloxica) nyege nyege tapes
jade statues - surrounding (my blade) tar
nmesh - mall full of drugs (pharma) orange milk
not waving - ur lucky ur still alive (populist) ecstatic recordings
markus gibb - get on (deuxieme etage) mmodemm
broken english club - pylon (the english beach) l.i.e.s.
black zone myth chant - feng jing (feng shen) editions gravats
radio slave - forana (feel the same) rekids
radio slave - with u (feel the same) rekids
mesh - coercer (hesaitix) pan
lokane - body double (vip mix) (nervous horizon va vol. 2) nervous horizon
wallwork - havoc (nervous horizon va vol. 2) nervous horizon
tenebre - jungle frontier (territory iii ep) wncl recordings
sailora - sight (sweden by night) 101.io
clams casino - summertime (instrumental mixtape 4) self-release
that night - artificial grown lianas (magnitisdat) noorden
yves tumor - limerence (mono no aware) pan
leyland kirby - momentum is not on our side (we, so tired of all this darkness in our lives) history always favours the winners
khidja - microb (tolouse low trax version 118) (microb) malka tuti
chicano batman - run (freedom is free) ato records
body boys - ? (h) civilised life


Moderation: Sarah Roellinger, Daniel García González
Redaktionelle Leitung: Sarah Roellinger