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Borderclash vom 23.08.2017:

Kompakt Total 17 + new releases

Kompakt releases its yearly compilation "Total 17" on September 1st. Kompakt newcomers Max Scholpp & Luuk visit our studios and tell us about the compilation and the release party. 


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The latest instalment of the TOTAL compilation series, showcases Kompakt veterans and newcomers such as French techno legend Laurent Garnier, Amsterdam electro-pop duo Weval, and many more. 
Cologne newcomers are in the house! Max Scholpp tells us about his own contribution to the compilation and DJ Luuk represents the line-up of the release party in Helios 37 on Sept. 1st.

As always the Borderclash team brings you up to date with the hottest and newest releases from the electronic music spectrum.

Borderclash // 100,0 fm // Kölncampus
23.08.2017 // 8-10pm
Tune in!

king krule - czech one
nattymari - got all that somethin
nattymari - mybabi
arthur - re-animator
clap clap - to open a feeling by closing it with an embrace
clap clap - lusaka dreams
nachtbraker - hamdi (bil mix)
red axes - sun my sweet sun fango goes to bollywood
broken english club - breaking the flesh
broken english club - pylon
andromeda complex - the servant (klankman remix)
zomby - zkittlez (gasp) big dada
sophia saze - solace (solace ep) forthcoming dusk & haze
cooly g - hard (magnetic ep) hyperdub
laurent garnier – 1-4 doctor c'est chouette (total 17) kompakt
vermont – ufer (total 17) kompakt
locked groove – dawn (total 17) kompakt
max scholpp - the dream (total 17) kompakt
superpitcher ft. fantastic twins – in my head (total 17) kompakt

max scholpp & luuk DJ Set:
maria rita – kamaiura (selvagem remix) (optimo Trax)
zimba baleka – the comet is coming remix
plo man – tx-ii (tiny bubbles) (acting press)
hymns – heinz harald frentzen
dj bwin – Heroto (hundert)
mantra – mind games
juniper – life source negative (meandyou)
fizzy veins – kool down
cain – sirin (highlife)
interstellar funk – cable 54
c.k. - log off (no hands)
l'ectric workers- the garden
bullion – spin2glory (the trilogy tapes)
emilio santiago – dentro de voce (7'') philips


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