Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Borderclash vom 10.08.2016:

Black Acre Label Special

From electronica via grime, house, and bass, the Bristol-based label, BLACK ACRE, has a large musical spectrum, just like our show: Borderclash .

From Romare's jazz & funk sample-based house music, to Commodo's grime beats, via Clap! Clap!'s 160bpm afro-bass, Black Acre, the Bristol-based label has definitely got our attention.
For this week's show, the Borderclash team is digging a bit further into the label's catalogue and we're showing you what it's all about.


blue daisy – space ex (space ex ep) black acre
blue daisy & unknown shapes – wet dreams (bedtime stories ep) black acre
blue daisy – spinning channels (ft. Anneka) (the sunday gift) black acre
dan shake – out of sight (out of sight 12``) black acre
lurka – nah so (holding) black acre
lurka – holding (holding) black acre
romare – the blues (meditations on afrocentrism) black acre
romare – jimi & faye (part one) (love songs: part one) black acre
romare – hey now (when I give you all my lovin) (love songs: part one) black acre
doctor zygote – alexandria (grupo zygote) black acre
doctor zygote – beirut dub (grupo zygote) black acre
doctor zygote – loose (grupo zygote) black acre
loops haunt – hollowed (exits) black acre
loops haunt – ellum tonal (exits) black acre
loops haunt – mun rhul (zenith ep) black acre
commodo – sleepwave (how what time) black acre
rocks foe – crushed (legion) black acre
commodo ft. rocks foe – set it straight (how what time) black acre
sully – vamp (vamp) black acre
the maghreban – wrong move (lose it) black acre
alex coulton – break pressure (murda/ break pressure single) black acre
dj khalab – amagqoboka (eunoto ep) black acre
clap! clap! - black smokes, bad signs (tayi bebba) black acre
clap! clap! - modesty (tales from the rainstick ep) black acre
dj khalab & baba sissoko – bognya (clap! clap! remix) (bognya remixes) wonderwheel recordings
dj khalab – tiende! feat clap! clap! (eunoto ep) black acre
fantastic mr fox – over (evelyn ep) black acre
brokenchord – bluestar (bluestar ep) black acre
memotone – you saw the future (chime hours) black acre
connie constance – euphoric ( in the grass) black acre

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Moderation: Mark Neustadt, Sarah Roellinger
Redaktionelle Leitung: Maike de Buhr, Sarah Roellinger