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Borderclash vom 24.02.2016:

Multi Culti Label Special: Thomas Von Party im Gespräch

Multi Culti label special - trippy psychadelic electronica & dance-floor oriented ethnic vibes.

Multi Culti

Borderclash is happy to present Dreems' and Thomas Von Party's Multi Culti: a Canadian label oscillating between trippy psychadelic electronica and dance-floor oriented ethnic vibes.

We catch up with label co-founder Thomas von Party who tells us about Multi Culti, his daily life as a DJ/producer/club owner/label head, and his Canadian home, Montreal.

Since 2013, Multi Culti has been releasing electronic music from Israel, Ecuador, Brazil, anywhere and everywhere. The label epitomises how Asian, African or south-American ethnic music traditions feed into modern dance music and boundary defying electronic music. A true Borderclash sound.

We also have new music from Baauer, James Blake, HNNY, Anenon, Rhythmic Theory, Illum Sphere, the Manchester collective LeVeLz, and many more...

Tune in!


samiyam – dartgun (animals have feelings) stones throw
levelz – worship (lvl 11) levelz
levelz – lvl07 (lvl 11) levelz
baauer ft. novelist & leikeli47 (aa) lucky me
sensi sye – be mine (single) free download
james blake – air & lack thereof (single) free download
hnny – hope (single) unreleased
anenon – once (petrol) friends of friends
simon12345 & the lazer twins – root (cheveux propres, cheveux gras) holger
simon12345 & the lazer twins – triangle (cheveux propres, cheveux gras) holger
illum sphere – second sight (second sight ep) ninja tune
na – definite sentence (cellar ep) fade to mind
rhythmictheory – the bends (single) unreleased
mella dee – dok (deep soul ep) dext
kenton slash demon – dok (tt/dok ep) future classic
- - -
nicola cruz – mantis (invocación / mantis) multi culti
thomash – field recordings in minas gerais (multi culti japan compilation) multi culti
jagawarma – the throw (dreems sounds of the universe remix part 2 & 3) multi culti
ccolo – intro (visions) multi culti
ccolo – immortal birds diwali (visions) multi culti
ccolo – ghanaafreekaboom dub (visions) multi culti
auntie flo – gods of war (von party's peace pipe dub) multi culti
red axes ft. zidan – hope (waiting for a surprise ep) multi culti
red axes – waiting for a surprise (waiting for a surprise ep) multi culti
von party & dreems – wet raga (multi culti upcoming compilation)  multi culti

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Moderation: Sarah Roellinger
Redaktionelle Leitung: Maike de Buhr