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Behind bpm vom 16.06.2018:

two zero one eight: edition 6/12

guests: koxette (baumusik) >>> upcoming release: 21th century decay

fresh+upcoming releases: oneohtrix point never (age of / warp) // various artists (recit de voyage volume 1 / rdv music) // yu su (preparations for departure / arcane) // eleventeen eston (at the water / growin bin) // james stewart (cotounou ep / alma negra records) // the hacker, miss kittin (lost tracks vol. II / dark entries) // locked groove (from beyond / locked groove records)

more about: acephale sommerfest (open air) /w tako, joscha creutzfeldt, alex from galax, martin simonis (location tba / 22.06.2018)

introducing: throwbackbpm - a blast from the past


yu su - i'll say when I can (preparations for depature) arcane

james stewart – la danse d'achille (anr004) anr

marlui miranda – tchori tchori (joutro mundo remix) selva discos

a77n – running (recit de voyage volume 1) rdv

dana ruh – your style plus (recit de voyage volume 1) rdv

locked groove – journey to the center of the third eye (from beyond) locked groove records

miss kittin & the hacker – the building (lost tracks volume 2) dark entries

"blast from the past": mysterious art - das omen (das omen(1)) cbs

vanakos – i hate disco … not the dance (uneven paths – deviant pop from europe 1980-1991) music from memory

eleventeen eston – where there is rain (at the water) growin bin

oneohtrix point never – babylon (age of) warp

oneohtrix point never – last known image (age of) warp

koxette – heal concrete (21th century decay) baumusik

koxette – xxy (21th century decay) baumusik

koxette – real eyes (21th century decay) baumusik

koxette - dejavu (21th century decay) baumusik

koxette - smoothies (21th century decay) baumusik

koxette - battle meditation (21st century decay) baumusik

koxette - gonna kill (21st century decay) baumusik

koxette - sailormoon (21st century decay) baumusik


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