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Behind bpm vom 18.02.2017:

From !K7 to slow Wave. Electronic music round up.

We look at new releases in House, Techno, Ambient, Wave, Disco, and everything in between.

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We have the latest !k7's issue of their "kollections: classics" series, a new electronica / ambient album from our local Kompakt Haus, Ghostly International-signed Moiré's new album and also shine the light on slow, 80s inspired wave. 
Keeping you updated on the latest, freshest releases.

james holden - triangle folds (kollections 02: classics) !k7
panorama channel - jigsaw lovers club (aera remixes) biologic records
moiré - opium (no future) ghostly international
the maghreban - smack (smack ep) versatile
seixlack - sofazone (bed bug bites) x-kalay
alexey nikitin - a2 (gost001) gost zvuk
mcde - love (kollections 02: classics) !k7
efdé - cmp135 (my bleep ep) voyage direct
manik - roosevelt ave (tight trax 1) viva music
dj dove - organised (god o'nighty ep) deep groove records
ricardo tobar - red sea (red sea) correspondant
unknown - unknown
deadbeat - just jackin around man (our rotten roots ep) echocord
fjaak - das programm (fjaak) monkeytown
darling - jacob's lead (jacob's lead) voyage direct
darling - jacob's lead (jacob's lead ep) voyage direct
quince - stop (rif ep) something happening, somewhere
tosca - elitsa (kollections 02: classics) !k7
vermont - ufer (ii) kompakt
vermont - chanang (ii) kompakt
fairmont - dm (slow porn présente: prise de vue #1) my favourite robot records
demian - residual memories (slow porn présente: prise de vue #1) my favourite robot records
superdisco - fantasia (slow porn présente: prise de vue #1) my favourite robot records
disco rigido - hi process (disco rigido ii)
mr president [ft. sabba mg]- night time (going to a go go) favorite
dam-funk - break out (architecture) glydezone recordings
aigbe legarty - unity (sibu & joe nagall edit) (edits vol. 5)
bjorn torske - host (dj sotofett's stoydubb) (12'') sex tags mania

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