Leitung: Maximilian Esser


Behind bpm vom 21.12.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 12/12

join us in our last radio show of 2019. benni + max are in for a musical treat before christmas, with new music out of south america, cologne, düsseldorf, leipzig, berlin and hamburg

Behind bpm vom 16.11.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 11/12

this month's guests: magnus von welck & sören siebel >>> operators of club jaki

Behind bpm vom 19.10.2019:

two zero one nine: xxl edition 10/12

this month's guest: alex sternberg aka governor ( hinter den gaerten / imr ) >>> dj, visual artist, producer from cologne genres: detroit techno, house, experimental, electro

Behind bpm vom 21.09.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 9/12

new+upcoming releases: various artists (chill pill / public possession) // mr tc & lo kindre (phase 01 / phase group) // salsa fingers (coco fantasma / i lost my poncho in istanbul) // post traumatic drum disorder/monty (fd001 / flippen discs) // space drum meditation (sdm 002 / space…

Behind bpm vom 20.07.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 7/12

this month's guest: klaus froebel  ( transversum / bunker.reborn ) >>> producer, dj, based in cologne >>> be sure to check out his partys bunker.reborn, transversum, and dreiiiton <<< his soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/klaus-froebel…

CC: Vilios Kaufmann

Behind bpm vom 15.06.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 5+6/12

this month's guest: Henrik Büren  aka   HADE  aka Theo Walbeck (Oye Records / Razor-n-Tape) >>> producer, dj , music collector, based in cologne

Behind bpm vom 20.04.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 4/12

guest: lucas croon ( aiwo / themes for great cities ) >>> producer, dj , düsseldorf

Behind bpm vom 16.03.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 3/12

guest: thomas meckel (cologne) >>> curator, musician, artist

Behind bpm vom 16.02.2019:

two zero one nine: edition 2/12

current & upcoming releases: pascal (arcipelago / periodica records) // yak (3024 fye / 3024) // androo (anko/sync dancehall / poly dance) / sound mercenary/groove mercenary (dilemma/switch / stroom) //  ed nine  (the jouney pt. 2 ep / inner balance) // eva geist…