Leitung: Sarah Roellinger


Bass Me! vom 30.07.2008:

Special: LSD

...Stücke über (und auf?) LSD in einer Bass Me! Sondersendung

Was haben Lucy, Cary Grant und Ernst Jünger gemeinsam? Warum heißt der 16. April "Bicycle Day"? Wer sind die Merry Pranksters? Heute gibt's zwei Stunden Musik rund um Lysergsäurediethylamid, das die Popkultur geprägt hat wie kaum eine andere Droge.

Reiseleitung: Bettina Latak, Stefan Wolf und Hanna Bächer

20-21 Uhr
01.Godfrey: Let’s take a trip (VA, Pebbels Vol. 3, BFD Records 1979)
02. Beatles: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Sgt. Peppers lonely Hearts Club Band, EMI Records 1967)
03. The Byrds: Eight Miles High (Fifth Dimension, Columbia 1967)
04. Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit (Surrealistic Pillow, BMG Music 1967)
05. Mozart: Konzert für Flöte und Violine ()
06. Ravi Shankar: Dhun
07. The Grateful Dead: Born Cross-Eyed (Anthem of the Sun, Warner Bros. 1968)
08. Country Joe and The Fish: Thursday (I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixing-To-Die, Vanguard Records 1967)
09. Jefferson Airplane: Won’t You Try / Saturday Afternoon (After Bathing at Baxters, BMG Music 1967)
10. Jefferson Handkerchief: I’m Allergic to Flowers (VA, Pebbels Vol. 3, BFD Records 1979)
11. The Bees: Voices Green and Purple (VA, Pebbels Vol. 3, BFD Records 1979)
12. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: 1906 (Part One, Reprise Records 1967)
21-22 Uhr
13. Thirteens Floor Elevators: Earthquake (Easter Everywhere, International Artists 1967)
14. The Red Crayola: Pink Stainless Tail (The Parable of Arable Land, International Artists 1967)
15. Sonny Flaherty & Mark V: Hey Conductor (VA., Pebbles Vol. 14, AIP 1984)
16. United States of America: The American Metaphysical Circus (The United States of America, CBS 1968)
17. Beatles: Tomorrow never Knows (Revolver, EMI 1966)
18. The Rolling Stones: 2000 Lightyears from Home (Their Satanic Majesties Request, Decca 1967)
19. The Incredible Sting Band: Painting Box (The 5000 Spirits ot The Layers of the Onion, Elektra 1967)
20. Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, EMI 1967)
21. White Noise: Love Without Sound (An Electric Storm, Island Rec. 1969)
22. Hawkwind: Space is Deep (Doremi Faso Latido, United Artists Records 1972)
23. Neu!: Lila Engel (Neu 2, Brain 1973)
24. Can: Oh Yeah (Tago-Mago, Spoon Records 1971)


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