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12 Zoll vom 07.03.2019:

Shouting About Nothing?

In diesem Monat wird es luftig und leicht bei 12Zoll Drum & Bass. 


BCee und Liquid - zwei Begriffe, die nicht mehr voneinander getrennt werden können. Wir haben mit ihm über sein neues Album "Shouting About Nothing" gesprochen.  Außerdem gibts News aus Köln und die neuesten Beats aus der Welt des Drum & Bass.   


Joakuim - 8am Roller (Fokuz)
Matt View & Marvel Cinema - Same Thing Different (Soul Deep Recordings)
Satl - Movin On (Integral)
Lenzman - Pictures Of You ft. DRS (Metalheadz)
TGM - Caritas Veritas Libertas (Basswerk)
Hlz - Circus Shot (Dispatch)
In:Most - Uh! (Soulvent Records)
Silence Groove - Cheeky Growler (Pola & Bryson Remix)
A.Fruit - Music Lasts Forever (Med School)
Hyroglifics - Cash Out (Critical)
Lenzman - Misty (Metalheadz)
S.P.Y - Runaway Dub (Hospital Records)
Buunshin - Vorpal (Dividid)
Proxima - Odd One (NEÜ)
Mean Teeth - We Hold On (NickBee Remix) (Mayan Audio)
Trail - Olympia (Flexout Audio)
Alix Perez & Monty - Good To Me (1985Music)
Conrad Subs - Perception (Soulvent Records)
BCee - Prozac Dub (Spearhead)
Donae'o - Chalice (Chase & Status Remix) (Island Records)
BCee - Sincerely Yours (Spearhead)
Koherent - Morph (Flexout Audio)
Wingz - Detractor (Overview Music)
Icicle & Alix Perez - Cycles (Entropy)
The Outsiders - Mysticism (Fraktal)
Ill Truth - Stressed Out (Skank & Bass)
Synergy & Audio - Dungeon (Blackout)
The Prodigy - We Live Forever (Teddy Killerz Remix) (Take Me To The Hospital Limited)
Mefjus - Volition (Former Remix) (Vision)


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