Leitung: Ilona Steffens


Lieblingslieder 03.04.2019 - 16.04.2019

Verfasst von am

Emerald & Doreen Records

Apparat - heroist (lp5) random noise musick

Asanof, asimin – synchronized (dario kleins slowrave mix) (her remixes) emerald & doreen records

Assam jr – der letzte mann im internet (group works) dorfjungs

Avey tare – saturdays (again) (cows on hourglass pond) domino

Better oblivion community center – didn’t know what I was in for (Better oblivion community center) dead oceans live@ 06.05.kantine

Brian jonestown massacre, the – drained (the brian jonestown massacre) a recordings

Darjeeling – easy Sunday morning (early Sunday morning) listen records live @12.04.2019

Doherty, pete & the puta madres – who’s been having you over (strap originals) live @17.05. kantine

Donnelly, stella – old man (beware of the dogs) secretly canadian live @ 15.04. YUCA

Fat white family – tastes good with the money (serfs up) domino

Fred und luna – compostonikum (im tanzrausch ep) compost records

Future peers – lines (I’m sorry) garment district

Hibberd, lauran – sugardaddy (single) be-known

Kohlstedt, martin – ksycha (feat.gewandhauschor leipzig) (single) warner classics

Kruczynski, bartosz – XVIII (media 2016-2019) emotional response

Lucas croon – swed (lucas croon) aiwo

Moglii – flow (single) humming records

Neuzeitliche bodenbeläge – meine nöte (leben) tfgc

Oroza, bobby – deja vu (single) big crown

ove – das glück (abruzzo) tapete records live @ 11.04. blue shell

Private world – chasm (chasm) eigenvertrieb

Proper ornaments, the – crepuscular child (single) tapete

Purl – thaw (the time released sound) time released sound around the world ambient programm

Ruede hagelstein & amin fallah – aton (single) duat folklore

Sleaford mods – o.b.c.t (eton alive) extreme eating records

Tearss – warp (spa001) spa

Tellavision – projector running (single) bureau

Ten fé – here again (future perfect, present tense) pias

Vile, kurt – check baby (bottle it) matador records

Yoshiaki ochi – ear dreamin (Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990) light in the attic

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