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Lieblingslieder 23.01.2019 - 05.02.2019

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Brazilian Girls - Let's make Love
Six Degrees Records
Brazilian Girls - Let's make Love

bob moses – heaven only knows (battle lines) domino

brazilian girls – karaköy (let’s make love) Six Degrees Records

carbone, laura – tangerine tree (empty see) duchess box records

carner, loyle – you don’t know (feat. Rebel kleff & kiko bun) (single) caroline international

catsystem corp. – building a better world (single) hiareth

de babalon, christoph – kirchengänger (a colourful storm) exquisite angst

dear japan – kushiro (hollow hearted hands) atelier moist

duran, kelman – ella (moon cycles iii) cargo collective

fat white family – feet (single) domino

fotos – auf leisen pfoten (v.a. songs we didn’t dare to put out) papercup records

golf – italien 97(v.a. songs we didn’t dare to put out) papercup records

greenhouse – an airless quality (depression era) audio. Visuals. Atmosphere

homeboy sandman & edan – the gut (humble pi) stones throw LIVE @13.02. reinecke fuchs

internazionale – lit is rain that grows flowers, not thunder (commerce as communication) janushoved

jakuzi – süphe (hata payi) city slang

jerome, oscar – misyt head/ sunny street (single) au contraire music

kokubo, takashi – underwater dreaming (kumo no muko:a journey into 80’s japanese ambient and synthpop sound) jazzy couscous

night beats – her cold heart (myth of a man) heavenly recordings indie up m 2019

pains of being pure heart, the + carbone, laura – flowers beneath your feet (single) duchess box records

pfeiffer, thore – sommersprosse (umland) savvy r

roosevelt – losing touch (young romance) city slang/ universal

ry x – yayaya (unfurl) infectious music LIVE @ 13.03. carlswerk

sabiwa – caronte (reincarnation) chinabot

schwind, niko – tote bienen (ameli paul remix) (incubito EP) heimlich musik

stolze, alex – way out pop (outermost edge) sinnbus LIVE @ 05.02. Wohngemeinschaft

toro y moi – ordinary pleasure (outer peace) carpark records

vester koza – my well crap car (mither loader) houndstooth

vomit heat ft. hendrik otrembra – decoder (mither loader) papercup records

waterhouse, nick – song for winners (single) innovative leisure

xul zolar – church down (v.a. songs we din’t dare to put put) papercup records

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