Leitung: Lilly Amankwah


Lieblingslieder 11.10.17 - 24.10.17

Verfasst von Ute Schneider am

01) arrows of love – predictable (product) i'm not from london records live 16.10.17 @ sonic ballroom

02) barr brothers, the – kompromat (queens of the breakers) secret city records

03) bonnie 'prince' billy – the fugitive (best troubador) domino

04) cooper, jody – home (serenades and odes to a cracked world) eigenvertrieb

05) death from above – freeze me (single) last gang records

06) dj python – las palmas (dulce compania) incienso

07) eternal spirit, the – she's not worth a song (single) ton-e records

08) ex eye – xenolith; the anvil (ex eye) relapse records

09) four tet – two thousand and seventeen (new energy) text records

10) geary,mark – down in front (the fool) turbomusic

11) grande royale – got to move (breaking news) cargo records

12) hainbach – moons (no need for rain) opal tapes

13) japanese breakfast – road head (soft sounds from another planet) dead oceans live 23.10.17 @ blue shell

14) larsen, stu – chicago song (resolute) nettwerk records live 11.10.17 @ luxor

15) lewis ofman – flash (yo bene) cactus club music

16) little cub – too much love (still life) domino

17) lock eyes – at corsica (first sight) lobster theremin

18) maximo park – what did we do to you to deserve this (risk to exist) cooking vinyl

19) moers & danny salas – panhan (chris wood & meat hang on the drum remix) (single) fine beatz

20) mogwai – coolverine (every country's sun) temporary residence limited live 17.10.17 @ e-werk

21) nhk xy koyxen – notice (exit entrance) dfa

22) north hansen – bearings (nothing here is permanent) pure noise records

23) octo – saudade (kitsch) krachladen records

24) radiohead – i promise (single) xl recordings

25) radio moscow – new beginning (new beginnings) century media live 15.10.17 @ live music hall

26) rainforest spiritual enslavement – chiles crimson tide (ambiant black magic) hospital productions

27) schogettes, the – i've tried love once (finally do it) rookie records

28) still – bubbling ambessa (afrikan messiah riddim) (i) pan

29) vatican shadow – weapons inspection (rubbish of the flood waters) ostgut ton

30) zoo harmonics – whole again (iketan) eigenvertrieb

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