Leitung: Lilly Amankwah


Lieblingslieder 01.02.17 - 14.02.17

Verfasst von am

That Night

01. bakery - tribe (lucy) axis mundi records // live@Club Veedel 08. 02. 1702. botany - janis joplin (single) western vinyl03. cairobi - ghost (cairobi) week of wonders04. common - red wine [feat, syd, elena] (black america again) def jam,
05. flaming lips, the - how (oczy mlody) warner06. foxygen - on lankershim (hang) jagjaguwar07. grampell - some places (single) pop up records08. griffith, harry - 99p (comp ft002) flow theory09. hade - my thang (hade edits) razorntape10. imo, oluko - imo (sibu - joe nagall edits vol. 4) eigenvertrieb11. japandroids - near to the wild heart of life (near to the wild heart of life) anti12. sano, keita - with the lights (v. a. sensate silk) 100%silk13. marling, laura - wild fire (single) more alarming records14. marquises, les - feu pâle (a night full of collapses) ici d'ailleurs15. menzingers, the - bad catholics (after the party) epitaph16. milo greene - we kept the lights on (single) elektra17. quarta 330 - resonate 3 (pixelated) hyperdub18.  run the jewels - 2100 [feat. boots] (rtj3) eigenvertrieb19.sagnam  - wrongful intention (suppose to be) crystaltone20. shauf. andy - quite like you (the party) arts & crafts21. siberian - witness (through ages of sleep) the sign records22. sokota - opia (the gold play) tangram23. tanaka, clive - empty sidecar (up too earlys) friends of friends24. that night - polar [feat. inky timez] (mécanique néologisme) südturm
25. torgeir, waldemar - the buttom of the well (no offering borders) jansen plateproduksjon26. veedel kaztro - veezy macht blau (single) melting pot music27. vmo$ & boof, -  close (nc7004) no corner28. wallis bird - that leads the way (single) caroline29. williams, hannah & affirmations, the - fighting your shadow (single) record kicks30. zuzu - what you want (single) hand in hive

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