Leitung: Lilly Amankwah


Lieblingslieder 13.10.16 - 26.10.16

Verfasst von Martin Göbbels am

1)   a shoreline dream – whirlwind (whirlwind) latenight weekend

2)   altered perceptions – hellfire (from rise to ruins) artery recordings

3)   chain wallet – muted colours (chain wallet) jansen platenproduksjon

4)   crystal fighters – all night (single) pias

5)   dal forno, carla – you know what it’s like (you know what it’s like) blackest ever black

6)   drangsal – will ich nur dich (single) caroline

7)   drawing circles – sinister shores (sinister shores) eat the beat music

8)   dva hi:emotions – almostu (notu_uronlineu) hyperdub

9)   goat – it’s not me (requiem) rocket recordings

10) gomes, jullian – broken tamagotchi (late dreamer) atjazz record company

11) jacques palminger & 440 hz trio – der pinguin, das handy und der jazz (spanky und seine freunde) staatsakt

12) jenkins, mick – angles (the healing component) cinematic

13) jung an tagen – die hand lässt niemals los (das fest der reichen) mego

14) k. flay – blood in the cut (single) universal

15) kamchatka – take me back home (long road made of gold) despotz records

16) keshavara – creators of rain (single) check your head

17) midori hirano – by the window (minor planet) sonic peaces

18) motschmann, johannes – flow expansion (electric fields) neue meister

19) myhr, kim – o horizon (bloom) hubro

20) n.m.o – double arm (nordic mediterranean organisation – numerous miscommunications occur) diagonal

21) pixies – all i think about now (headcarrier) pixiesmusic

22) ply – vers (sans cesse) warm

23) simo – becky’s last occupation (let love show the way) provogue records

24) sir – cadillac dreams (her ep) iiinglewood

25) sohn – signal (single) 4ad

26) solange – don’t touch my hair (a seat at the table) saint records

27) who killed bruce lee – 45 hustlers (distant rendevouz) netmusiczone records

28) wytches, the – bone weary (all your happy life) heavenly recordings

29) xixa – vampiro (bloodline) glitterhouse

30) yves tumor – the feeling, when you walk away (serpent music) pan

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