Leitung: Vivian Bahlmann & Amelie Liebst


Nachdurst vom 18.01.2010:

Dieses Jahr wird alles gut...

im Nachdurst KLANG

Mit guten Vorsätzen und noch besserer Mucke im Gepäck: Juliane Bender


1. paper route - gutter [nick catchdubs remix] (absence) rcrd lbl
2. law, the - television satellite (a measure of wealth) local boy records
3. marbert rocel - ba ba bounce (catch a bird) compost records
4. arcuragi, adam - she comes to me (i become joy) high two
5. bloody beetroots - warp 1.9 [feat. steve aoki] (romborama) dim mak-label
6. kinderzimmer productions - doobie (over and out) kinderzimmer recordings
7. taken by trees - my boys (east of eden) rough trade
8. emika - drop the other (drop the other) ninja tune
9. lady and bird - sailor and widow (la ballade de lady and bird) emi
10. band of skulls - death by diamonds and pearls (baby darling doll face honey) you are here
11. count & sinden, the - strange things (strange things/elephant 1234) domino records
12. deer tracks, the - slow collision (aurora) despotz records


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